Powercore 26800 stuck at 30% when charging

I just got a Powercore 26800 for an upcoming trip in the next couple weeks. Yesterday I tried charging the powerbank since it only had 2 lights on, after a while it got to 3. Today, it has been charging the whole day and it won’t go pass 3 lights which - correct me if I’m wrong - I assume is 30%. Am I missing something here? Does it take that much to charge? Unfortunately at my local retailer I could get the normal version, with a Micro-USB input, not the PD one. What should I do? Should I be worried? I spent almost 100€ because I wanted to invest in something that lasts.

Are you charging the battery itself or using the battery to charge a device? If it’s the battery you’re charging, it will take awhile to charge it. If you think that it’s not charging pass the 30%, perhaps try a different cable. Also, if you are charging the battery itself, how are you charging it… wall plug, computer, etc.? Of course charging it via the wall plug will be faster. If you still have problems, email Anker at support@anker.com and they can help you out. Hope it works out for you. :slight_smile:

I’m charging the battery itself (the powerbank). And I can’t really use a different cable since none of my devices use Micro-USB, I have only Type-C cables around, makes no sense to spend almost 100€ so that I have to spend another 10€ on cables. I’m charging directly to the wall using my cellphone’s power brick (maybe that’s the problem), there was no power brick on the box.

This battery pack requires a good charger to power it up, if your using a phone charger such as an adaptive charger then it will take forever and a day to charge it because thise chargers revert to the lowest power output. What you need is a charger that can output 3.6-6.5V / 3A, 6.5-9V / 2A, 9-12V / 1.5A


Just got an Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 power brick on Amazon. Would that work?

Why not Ankers charger? But yea that will work to charge it properly. If you still have trouble then try using a new cable

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Didn’t realized it was on Amazon Spain. I’ll get the Anker one instead. Thanks!

:rofl: i have done that before and irdered from Amazon germany, whoops. Were all humans at heart so were bound to make mistakes at some point

Exactly what I though might be the problem, if not the cable itself.

My 26800+ came with a Quick Charge plug and took around 8 - 10 hours for full charge. I can’t even imagine charging it with a regular phone charger, it may take it forever or may give up (due to heat etc.,) and don’t charge at all.
Your Anker charger will help you out with this one.

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I was about to go to the store to change it. I left it charging all night long and it didn’t go up. I’ll wait for my charger to arrive before I go back and request a refund or something. Thanks!

Whats the power output of the charger your using? And is it an adaptive charger for a cell phone?

I can’t tell, and I don’t have it at hand right now. But it is the charger for my S9+, with European plug

Just to be clear stock charger or after market?

If its the stock chatger then that is why it takes so long to charge the powerbank. It is only adaptive when a phone request more power, but because the powerbank does not have that handshake it reverts to the lowest power output. So once you get the new power plug it should charge your pack at the proper speed of 8 to 10 hours

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I also do think it is the charger. Anker one arrives next week so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks everyone! I’ll keep you all posted once I get my new charger

That’s what I thought you meant but when you use just said s9+ charger it doesn’t really convey the info we need to diagnose the problem. We’re a super literal bunch :grin:

You mentioned that you purchased a quick charge 3.0 Anker charger. I’m curious exactly which one you got not that it really matters.

For future reference Anker Power IQ 3 (or PIQ3 for short) chargers are also PD or “power delivery” & Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible.

Got this one from Amazon Spain, I’m from Portugal so that’s as close as I can get. Also, my local retailer is a little outdated. I wanted the 26800 PD but it was not available and Amazon doesn’t ship power banks.

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Update for anyone having the same problem. The Anker charger solved it, as said above, my S9+ charger was not giving it enough power.


Same problem here, I’ve tried with all chargers (usb, usbc, and even from battery pack), many cables … nothing, remain at 30%.
I don’t think I will buy Anker anymore, no other battery packs I had in the past has shows similar problems. After this I see that a lot of anker batt.packs had similar issue.