Powercore+ 26800 replacement charger?

Im trying to find a replacement charger that is equivalent to the one that came with the powercore+ 26800-- will this one work? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/anker-power-adapter-white/6221200.p?skuId=6221200

It says its 50w powerport 2, and the original was 30w i think?

or would this one charge it fast as well? (i already own this one)

Do you have the PowerCore+ 26800 PD or another model?


If it’s the one above, then the USB-C port on the top one you linked to would work.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Yep, that is the one i have. Ok, i will have to grab that charger from Best Buy today then, thanks!

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Glad I could help! Feel free to stick around on the Community. Anker hosts lots of giveaways and testing opportunities and news about new Anker products is often here first.

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