PowerCore+ 26800 PD yanked?

Is it just me or did Anker yank the PowerCore+ 26800 PD? I can’t find it on the website and Amazon says it’s unavailable.

This can often happen when an item is just out of stock. Not aware of the item being discontinued anytime soon.


agree but it seems like it’s been removed from the Anker website as a product as well as removed from their Amazon Storefront. https://smile.amazon.com/stores/page/0553E8AE-45B3-45D6-95B3-78244DB98268

It’s not listed here either.

Items tend to disappear from Anker when out of stock and Amazon just shows not available.

It makes sense for Anker to do this as Anker have so many products the screen real estate of listing products they cannot ship today distracts from what they can sell.

I would only consider it a stopped product when Anker says in response to the direct question.


My assumption is based on the fact that it’s also removed from the product pages on the Anker website. The only time they’ve done this (that I can remember) is when they discovered an actual issue with the product and temporarily halted sales.

Items disappear and reappear off anker’s site all the time, it’s not a reliable indicator of intentions. Amazon tends to be more reliable because Anker disappears due to stock but Amazon can say more about when available or other.

If you want a quick authoritative answer, email Anker, and tends to be next-day reply.

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What’s even more peculiar is that the 30W USB-C PowerPort Speed 1 PD wall charger took a hefty price cut in Amazon US. I think it’s too good to pass up but I worry the next USB-C battery will include another wall charger.

Hi @ShaColby_Jackson,

As @ndalby mentioned, this product is just out of stock, not because of the item being discontinued…:grin:

The product will be available in January next year. Here are the listing blow:


I’m glad to know that this product will be back !

I see it’s back now but comes bundled with a charger. @AnkerOfficial any chance for one without a charger to keep cost down?

Thank you for your interests in the PowerCore+ 26800 PD, however, it is not sold separately in the US at the moment.:sweat_smile: