Powercore+ 26800 PD 30W recharging problem!

I bought thia power bank recently with no wall chargers, so i bought different brand of wall chargers which it has pd port of 25W.
But it didn’t recharge the powerbank at all with usb - c to usb c cable. The powerbank leds doesn’t get lit rotationally as normal. It only works as usb-c to usb.
Could be the uncertified recharger or powerbank fault.?
Note that the wall charger is l’evventos.

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Hey @Ahmed_Nagy
There isn’t many things to try.
First i would reset the PowerCore by looping the charging input socket to the out put socket for 4-5 seconds.
Beyond that trying a different charger and a different lead independently to identify if either are the problem.

If its still looks to be the PowerCore you can contact Anker at support@anker.com. Make sure your send they your proof of purchase details (a photo of your receipt would help i’m sure) and they will get back to you normally within 48 working hours.

Please keep us up to date with your progress.
All the best.

Make sure when you plug it in thath you do NOT press any buttons, otherwise your battery pack will try to output power instead of taking it in

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