Powercore 26800 not charging in Mexico

Hi there, first post here.

Im visiting Cancun for a week and staying at a resort but recently found out my powercore 26800 is not holding a charge. Im using the same charging adapter and cable that ive successfully used at home in the US and the lights spin in a wheel to indicate that it is charging but after leaving it overnight the led light only shows 1 dot. Could it be the outlet thats the problem or perhaps my cable or adapter has been damaged? Im hoping the powercore 26800 itself is fine, appreciate any and all feedback

Im.not sure what thenoutlets there are rated for, but it is possible the wall plug and cable you are using has gone bad. I jave had a few cables go bad that have consistently worked for me before.

What are the specs of the wall plug you are using?

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I’ll recommend using a different charger and cable. If that still doesn’t work, try a different outlet. Now if that doesn’t work, your Powercore might be dead for good

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To do a remote diagnosis is difficult as usual. :grinning:

Clean the plugs of the charger and the pb.
If there is no success :
Change the cable first. then try another charger.