PowerCore 26800 Model A1277 will not charge.

This was ordered on August 8, 2019 Order# 111-8624958-3123400 from AnkerDirect. It no longer charges (plugging it in results in a single blinking blue light, it seems to do nothing else).

  • The Anker Warranty page will not accept the above number as a valid order number.
    I believe the Warranty is 18 months, and it is under warranty until Feb. 2021, is that correct?
    If not under warranty, are there any instructions anywhere for opening this thing up and seeing if it can be repaired?

Put in email support@anker.com

Also try different cables and different charger

Thanks, Sent the email.
I have tried multiple chargers and cables - and those chargers and cables will charge other devices.


I’m wondering if you made an error?


Did you order from Amazon (supplier Ankerdirect) ? If so you need to use the other tab, I think you may have just tried if you ordered from Anker (not from Amazon)?

Do you see the Anker Store and to its right the Amazon? You mentioned Ankerdirect implying Amazon image
but I’m wondering you just pasted into the first “Anker Store” rather than click on “Amazon” then paste?