PowerCore+ 26800 full recharge takes more than 2 days

I purchased this product in this August. And it is not heavily used. But I noticed that the fully recharge took longer and longer. Even more it takes more than 2 days to full recharge. I want to know what’s the issue.

Obvious checks: Is the charger outputting 24W? Are the cables quality?

What Nigel said, are you using a decent charger? Like a powerport+ or a different cell phone brand’s turbo/quick charge adapter, or more of a standard charger?

That makes a huge difference, especially when charging 26800 mAh. And of course what cable. It doesn’t need to be Anker’s powerline to work well, but $1 cables from China, or from gas stations will usually be pretty bad.

I always use the original adapter and cable.

The powercore 26800 doesnt come with an adapter unless you have the all aluminum one. Is that the one you have or do you have the plastic one with 2 micro usb charge INPUTS?

Mine is the all aluminum one with just one micro usb charge inputs.

Which 26800. There were 3.

There was a 26800 which had a single 2A input, it would take a long time to charge. There is the newest one which is 26800 which is dual 2.4A input which is the fastest to charge. There was another not sure what if QC2 or USB-C

Which do you have - the dual 2.4A input?

Hold microscope up to the 26800 label, what is it it’s input? If you got the oldest slowest one it should say 2A 5V input. If so then its slowness is predicted.

Sure, it is the 5V 2A. But it was better before. It took about 10 hours for full recharge before. But it is 4 times long.

I would say that if it’s not holding up; you could always contact Anker regarding it.
I know battery capacity and it’s ability to hold a charge while not in use, will diminish over time. I didn’t think it was normal for a battery to take significantly longer to charge over time.

Have you noticed any loss in charging capacity?

No, I didn’t notice there was anything loss. The LED indicators turned around like normal.

So a 5V 2A input will get to about 85% charge in (26800*.85/2000) = 11 hours so then trickle charge up to say 13 hours to full.

The most probable problem is your cable, because all the flexing builds up breaks and reducing conductivity. I’d say the next most probable is the Powercore itself because its chemicals will build up resistance to charging (more so if you keep it warm like in the sun). Some chance its the Powerport you’re using. Cables tend to fail the most, batteries the next most common, PSUs the least common.

Try different cables (a quality one like a new THICK one from Anker), try different 2A output PSUs and if you get the same slowness then you’re pointing to probably the Powercore itself failing. When you contact, you showing you tried new quality cable and another PSU and showing the Powercore is >> 13 hours still is then a reasonable proof it is probably the Powercore failing.

As others have said, use a good charger and cable. A PowerPort and good USB cable should charge it from flat in 8-12 hours. If it’s taking two days it sounds like it’s only getting half an amp.

I am having a similar problem with my astro E7 26800. I am using all Anker charging equipment including the power port+ 6. It was working great until just recently. I think the batteries finally just gave out. I submitted a warranty ticket so will see what happens.