PowerCore+ 26800 and XD Designs Bobby Backpack

Has anyone used an Anker power brick with one of the Bobby Backpacks? They have a USB cable that routes to the front strap where you can charge your phone. Great idea unless it doesn’t work, which is my case.

When I connect the backpack to the 26800 brick, the circle of LEDs on the 26800’s button stops and if I press the button the LEDs refuse to flash in a circle.

Does the 26800 have special USB ports on it that prevent it from working?

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Do you have your phone connected at the other end?
When you are testing make sure you are giving something a charge or it will realise and not want to send power.

Hi thanks for the reply, and yes I have an iPhone X with lightning cable plugging into the backpack USB jack. Also tried my iPad and a Skyroam device - all behave same. LEDs turn off on the powerbank and no charge being deliverewd.

The Anker device is a PowerCore+ 26800 PD. Going on vacation in Europe, I wanted a great way to charge devices while away from US Type A/B plugs.

I have to say. I am not familiar with the backpack or the cabling that might be built into the bag. You can still take the power bank and cables required to charge your devices (just bypass the bag cables)


@mcndev I own a 26800 but not a bobby backpack. so far the brick is excellent if I’m charging straight and not bypassing/bridging or using other cables in between. So, for now, this may be a solution until you or somebody else with this backpack finds a solution.

Thanks to everyone for their help on this thread. I determined the Bobby Backpack had bad USB port after connecting a different manufacturer power bank to it, same behavior as with the Anker. So the backpack was sent back to Amazon. Now I went with a Pacsafe LS450, no USB port but hey it works better without it.

Beware of the US Designs Bobby Backpacks with their USB ports. Maybe they work? The one I had did not.

Meanwhile, Anker appears to make great products! I will be doing more business with them for certain.


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