PowerCore+ 26800- Airplane Safe?

Hi there! With a big trip to Florida upcoming, I have been interested in getting a large portable charger for me and some friends as many would probably do. I was interested in the PowerCore+ 26800, but I am wondering if it is allowed on commercial airplanes due to its large capacity. This is likely an issue many people see when trying to invest in such a large portable charger. If anyone knows and can help me and others in the future, it would be greatly appreciated! (I’m flying from NY to FL on Southwest if that helps at all)

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I am pretty sure that is the largest allowed on airplanes which is why it’s such an interesting sized charger. You should be. Enjoy your trip!


Here is another link by a ravpower blog about how to calculate it

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Yes you will be fine, I carried 2 of those plus a handful of smaller ones on the plane with me. Just know that you have to have it on you and you cannot check it with your luggage


You’re good. The upper limit is 100Wh. Watts = volts x amps.
Inside the 26800+ is 3.7V cells so 26800x3.7=99160mWh or less than 100Wh.

The Wh is written on the battery if they want to check. It probably says something like 98Wh or close to that.

Must be carry on not checked as it’s small enough to be extinguished by cabin crew if it begins to fire. Which is why allowed.


It should be fine worked for me.