PowerCore+ 26800 After one year

I’d been looking at large batteries for a while and when I saw the PowerCore+ 26800 PD with 30W PD Charger on sale, I knew I had to buy it. That was last September and at the time I didn’t know exactly how I would use it. Since then it has become the one thing I must pack when I travel, whether it’s 3 nights or 3 weeks I bring it with me. In January of 2020 I traveled to South Africa with the intention of using this as my main power supply, I charged everything from my Switch and PC, to my phone and camera off this little thing. Towards the end of the trip the areas I traveled to we’re having power shortages, having the ability to keep everything charges keept me stress free!

Largest battery allowed in carry on luggage
Charges just about anything powered by USB
Hold 75% charge for 1 month+ after a year
Great value when bought with PD Charger
Mesh bag keeps cord and battery together

Kind of heavy, it’s a big battery so it’s expected
No Color option
I would prefer 2 USB PD over 2 USB 3.0

I would recommend this battery if you’re in the market for a large capacity battery. It’s on the limit of what you can travel with so it’s perfect for flights. If your already getting a big battery you may as well get the bigest for just a few extra bucks.


Glad the PowerCore served you well @Connor_Mckeon1 :+1:t2:

Nice review. Also I appreciate the point about travel restrictions. I would not have considered that when purchasing.


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Nice straight to the point review @Connor_Mckeon1 :+1:

I have the 26800 with 3 USB A ports, similar size weight to yours, agree large heavy but good piece of mind to have all the capacity.

Thanks for sharing. I have got a 20100mAh and its about 2 years old. Its heavy bulky compared newer ones I have but it seems to hold most of its charge. I haven’t really checked for lose of charge but if it has it, its minimal.

Good honest opinion and glad it’s holding up pretty good still

I second that about travel restrictions. Learn something new everyday. This is a big help for me since I typically do my best just to be a carry on luggage for my trips. Good review!

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Yes me too carry on bag almost exclusively unless I’m looking to bring back stuff from travels.

Found that way, less chance to miss tight transfers.

Thanks for the replys.

I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and it’s still going strong. I’ve tried numerous power banks and find this one the best.