PowerCore 2200 Case for iPhone 7/6s/6 - Initial Impressions!

I just received my product after winning the giveaway last week! It came much faster than I expected! Thanks Anker! I just wanted to give my first thoughts on the case.

Materials / Quality: GREAT! I love the soft touch, premium finish. Also, it is very easy to install, as advertised. Not sure if the flimsiness of the edges will affect the durability of the case or not, but only time will tell in that perspective.

The retractable lightning cable is a GREAT thing! It works exceptionally well. The only mixed feelings come in that it does appear somewhat tacky with a cable sticking out. Also if you have to put it in your pocket a certain way to guarantee avoid damaging the charging port on your phone.

For iPhone 6/6s users, it is nice to have an open bottom for easy access to the headphone jack. THIS ALSO MAKES THE CASE A LOT SMALLER THAN COMPETITORS! Again, I can’t say whether or not this will affect the durability/protection, even though I know this case isn’t necessarily meant to be all that tough, but I’m just thinking in terms of scuffing and stuff like that from minor falls.

I only have one gripe about this case, if I even have the right to complain. After all, I did get this for free! Regardless, the only negative in my eyes is the hump on the back! It doesn’t make it very comfortable in the hand. In a recent Facebook video, Anker said that they did NOT like Apple’s official iPhone battery case design, and that’s why they weren’t making a big hump, but they DID make a big hump! I just thought that was weird.

Finally, although the extra battery life IS as advertised, in my opinion, the capacity little small (only adding 80% for the price. At $52, it’s towards the middle of the pack in terms of price, but towards the bottom of the bunch in terms of size of battery.

I feel bad saying so many bad things about this case considering that I got it for free, but I’m just trying to offer and provide my honest opinion. If this is your first time thinking about buying something Anker, don’t hesitate. They have brilliant costumer service! If you ever have an issue, you’ll be satisfied with whoever provides help to you. They offer excellent trouble shooting steps, and if that doesn’t work, are often willing to send out new parts, a completely new replacement product, or issue a refund.

I previously owned a Nekteck battery case for my iPhone 6, and it works very well.

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Thank you for your honest review!:sunglasses: It will help other users to make more rational choice. In any case, we will continually provide consumers with better service!