PowerCore 20100 type-c not charging

I just bought a new Powercore 20100 type-c power bank , it charges my phone from the USB type A but not from the USB type C ( I use a USB type-c to type-c cable that came with my Nexus 6P ) and the power bank doesn’t charge when I plug it to the charger ( i use the charger that came with my Nexus 6P and it works fine ) but it charges when I plug it to my PC ( using the USB type-A to type-C cable that came with my Nexus 6P ) , what could be wrong ?

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I’m guessing it’s the powercore + 20100 that you have? In order to activate usb c power output you need to press the Power button before you plug your device in

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@elmo41683 Yes it is powercore 20100+ . I tried pressing the power button but it didn’t work . and What about the USB-C input , when I plug it to the charger that uses a USB-C to C cable it doesn’t charge but when I plug it to a charger that uses a USB A to C cable it charges

I do not own this model so I cannot say for sure what is going on or why your having issues. Please send an email to Support@Anker.com provide them with the serial number, proof if purchase, and the issues you are having as well as whatever steps you have taken to help expedite their response



Thank you very much for bringing this issue to our attention via Anker community and thanks a lot for the reply from @elmo41683.

We regret to see that your PowerCore+20100 is unable to be recharged with a USB-C wall charger and not able to charge your Nexus 6P via the Type-C port. The Type-C port on the battery can either be an input or an output port. It is correct that you need to press the button when using it as an output to charge your device. And it should be able to be recharged via a wall charger that capable of 5V/2A output at least.

May I know if you tried to use another USB-C to USB-C cable to recharge the battery and charge your Nexus 6P to see if it can be fixed? If the problem still persists after troubleshooting, could you please email us at support@anker.com with your problem details and order information? We will be more than happy to help you out as per our 18-month warranty.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Have a nice day!


Thank you very much for the fast response .
I tried 3 different USB-C to USB-C cables to recharge the battery and to charge my phone but it is still not working .
I also want to say that the battery recharges via a sony wall charger that has a USB-A to USB-C cable which means that the USB-C port functions only with USB-A to USB-C cables not with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

My PowerCore+20100 worked fine for a few months. As a great, long-lasteng power source for a recorder. But then the vital USB-C-Output failed me on a very important trip. It seems to be dead (yes, I know: I have to press the button first). Anybody else with a similar issue? Sorry, but for professional purposes we really need reliable products.

Sorry for the trouble you are having. Can I ask you to try and use a different USB-C cable? Is the battery pack fully charged?

If you are still experiencing trouble, please reach out to Support@Anker.com and provide them with any troubleshooting steps you have taken, the serial number of the battery pack, and order order number to help expedite the process

Tried with 3 different USB- Cables. Pack is charged and still chargeable as USB-C Input Mode Works. As do the USB-3-outputs.

If you have a usb-a to usb-c cable please plug ok need end into the USB port and the other into the USB c port for 3 to 5 seconds. This should reset an internal fault mechanisms that may have been tripped.

Now, when you do go to use it after you reset it. Make sure to press the button first before plugging in any cable

Yeah. I’m not sure but the c port to c port. Can only be used to charge the power bank itself. If I plugged my phone in to c port to c port funny as hell my phone will charge the power bank instead. I’m thinking a software update is needed. Or a dual output input hardware part made. I mean if my phone can charge the power bank I’m pretty sure it’s a software thing. Xperia 1. But I do need to grab a-c port cables anyways. It is just labeled input meaning for wall socket charge I’m guessing. Obviously your gonna carry that regardless.
The USB are fitted with I.Q. smart detection for safe charging. C to c port if capable of charging without adaptive charging would probably damage your phone. C ports only safe for charging the unit.

Oh this sites connection is not safe btw. Identity not verified. Not encrypted.