Powercore 20100 Storage Voltage

I was wondering what is the best state to keep this when not using it for a while. It is very bad for LiPo batteries to be stored at full voltage for long periods of time. (I’m not sure what type batteries these are) What makes this trickier is that there’s only the 4 LEDs to indicate battery voltage. But I’m looking for some kind of recommendation for “storage state”. i.e.- store with 3 LEDs on. Or, if storing at full voltage is OK, then let me know (and I will assume these are not LiPos).

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store in the 40%-60% region. So with 4 LEDs use say 2 lights.

Store cool, not hot, not cold, like inside a lower drawer.

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Hi @jmarcolina,

Thanks for posting your concern here. This is AnkerDirect customer service. @nigelhealy, thanks for your professional reply.

Please kindly be noted that the PowerCore 20100mAh battery is a li-ion battery. It’s better to store the battery with 2-4 LEDs on.

FYI, there are other details we need to mention for storing the battery well:

  1. Please store the battery within the temperature range: 20°C-80°C;
  2. Please use the battery at least once per 3-4 months to ensure its normal lifespan.

Should there be other concerns or questions, please contact us via "support@anker.com" for more information.

Have a great day!

Thanks for your quick reply! And thanks for a great product. I was camping with 3 friends last weekend, and this thing kept 4 phones charged for 3 days!