PowerCore 20100 stops wireless chargers after 2 minutes!

Hi all!

I have a PowerCore 20100, model A1271. It works perfectly when charges my iPhone and my iPad with lightning cables. The LEDs keeping on during charging.

But when I connect my Apple Watch magnetic charger or the my new Anker PowerWave Pad, both wireless chargers, the PowerCore only charges up to 2 minutes. After this time the LEDs turn off and charging stops. I can restart charging by pressing the side button. Although after 2 minutes it turn off again.

This is annoying behavior. The PowerCore is out of warranty. It’s a high price product and now I can’t to charge my new gadgets wirelessly. :sob:

What can I do? Thanks in advance!


Sounds like the trickle charge problem. The demand is so low, it is making the Powercore turn itself off.

Put another device in the other port which draws power, then see if that fixes it. Almost anything will do but ideally a small device.

The 20100 is an older product, newer ones have trickle charge mode.

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That’s right! I forgot to say. When the iPhone, iPad or other device are charging on the PowerCore, if I to connect Apple Watch magnetic charger, the charging roll out without interruption. This happens because PowerCore doesn’t turning off during wired charging, right?

So the question is the trickle charge? Thanks!

Probably what is happening is the 20100 has a minimum output in total, if you fall below that, it turns itself off.

Smaller devices, particularly when approaching fully charged, fall below this level.

So the workaround is just charge 2 or more things at once including the smallest.

Newer Powercore solve this via an explicit trickle charger mode. I am not suggesting you buy a new product, just try to charge something else at the same time to workaround this.

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I understood. But why PowerWave Pad turn off too even charging iPhone, that is a non smaller device? The PowerWave behavior is like an Apple Watch in terms of energy?

There’s probably a pulse mode in there somewhere so power turns off/on either in pad probably due to the iPhone doing it.

I’d either buy a Powercore which has trickle charge mode or plug in the iPhone to the Powercore and the pad for your buds.

to be honest i had a problem similar it just the charging effect i tried useing my power back which is 26800 to charge me headphone the reason your does that it probably because it so low voltage the battery thinking that it doing nothing and force shut off to save power apple watch dont take much to charge so the battery is doing itself a favor not giving power

Thanks for all replies!

I bought my PowerCore 20100 because it relatively charging with low voltage. I have 18W stock wall charger, but it almost burns iPhone during charging. I don’t want it. Neither with powerbanks.

So i wonder if Anker offer a PowerCore with low charge mode and trickle charge too?

Edit1: I connected my mini LED USB to the PowerCore output port. This little light maintain it working continuously. An unexpected workaround. :wink:

They nearly all do now what you want which are new in last couple of years.

So the iPhone has a 9V 2A charging mode which is 18W, if you use a non-PD port then it’s 5V 2A 10W.

Even if you buy a modern Powercore PD they all currently have a PD and a non-PD port.