PowerCore 20100 single LED light flashing

I am not sure if I have a problem or not, when I stick my PowerCore 20100 to charge there is one single flashing light and it is the second one from the top. So it’s like o x o o, the x being the light that is flashing. When I put my phone on to charge, which is still does charge, the light which was flashing just stays solid.

Is my PowerCore broken?


Hi @luka_crispin, there is something wrong with the indicator light, could you please draw an email to "support@anker.com" with above problems? We will help you figure out ASAP!

I have done this, should the battery pack continue to work as normal then and I just don’t have use of the indicator lights as this isn’t too much of a problem?

OK, please be assured that we offer 18 months warranty(replace or refund) and lifetime technical support. If such problems persist, and it is within our warranty coverage, please contact support@anker.com in any case, we are glad to help you.:grin:

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