PowerCore 20100 not fast charging S7


My PowerCore 20100 is not fast charging my Samsung Galaxy S7 anymore. However, I can fast charge with my Samsung wall charger. I’ve only had this PowerCore for a few weeks. Please help me with this.

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I would recommend you try using a different cable, I have found that the cable that comes with the batterypack doesn’t fast charge my phone but using a different Anker cable does

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Hi @Cristin_lobosky,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community.

We regret to hear that this PowerCore 20100 battery doesn’t fast charge your S7 anymore and so sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

Please note that your S7 is quick charge enabled, to maximize the charging speed, you need a battery which supports the same technology. However, this PowerCore 20100 battery doesn’t support quick charge technology so the charging time is longer than your OEM wall charger.

To confirm the issue, As suggested by @elmo41683, could you please use another working cable to see if there is any improvement? Please also inform us how long it takes to fully charge your phone at standby mode from this battery. Per our internal test, it takes 1 hour and 53 minutes to fully charge your S7 from this battery.

If the battery still charges your phone slowly, you can contact us via support@anker.com and we will be more than happy to help you out as per the 18-month warranty policy.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

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Do you know when Rosa will be replying to emails, as it’s been almost 3 weeks now.

I already inform him about your request, I think she will reply you soon.:innocent:

I have the Anker PowerCore 20100micro USB, with 2 USB 3 plugs. I bought it last year August from Amazon, and it stopped charging my devices, I tried different cables, but the lights will come on for a sec and turn off.

Furthermore, I have emailed support@anker.com with the purchase invoice attached.


I hope they take care of it for you :+1:

I actually got a reply this morning from them that they are sending me a replacement out.
It might be refurbished, but if it is a working unit I couldn’t care less. :slight_smile:

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Great result @Carmelo_Miranda_Mori

Thank you, I did not think it would go that quick to be honest.
But let’s wait once I receive the powerbank.

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Good outcome, yes my experience is customer support has always been good, but only bought through Amazon or direct in UK and USA.