PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition

Someone has already use this Powercore?

I have a 120v outlet in the car but only one usb-c to wall plug charger. Im looking for something portable and what better if is Nintendo Certified. Can someone tell me how has work for you?



I own a Nintendo Switch, I would like to know as well so I know if I should pay the $90 for a new power bank.

Great question @tugar32 ! Since it is for Nintendo, as the product information states " The Official 20100mAh Portable Charger Optimized for Nintendo Switch" I would say this is definitely something you should be interested in. According to the product information on Ankers website;

2.5 Nintendo Switch Charges
Get Up to 15 Additional Hours of Playtime
Charge While You Play
Power Delivery for Full-Speed USB-C Charging
PowerIQ for Your Other Devices
Recharges in 3 Hours
Optimized for Flawless Compatibility with Nintendo Switch

I can’t tell you how it has worked for me because I do not own a Switch or this powerbank. But it is Anker! So you know it is going to deliver

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The Nintendo switch power protocol is similar to power delivery or “PD” but unique. I would not recommend charging your switch with anything but the factory wall charger or one of the Anker Nintendo certified power Banks as charging the switch with anything else could lead to serious damage to the switch.

I highly recommend both Anker Nintendo switch power Banks. I own the 13,400k version and it performs as expected. the larger 20K version will give you a slightly faster charge though.