PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition won't turn off!

I’ve had the PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition for about a year now and use it exclusively with my Nintendo Switch.
I charge it with the oem Switch power brick or an Anker PowerPort II PD.

Recently when using the battery the LEDs remain on after unplugging it from the Switch.

I’ve tried holding down the side button and double pressing and holding but it won’t turn off.

The only way I can turn it off is by plugging a USB-C to USB-A cable into each port.

Is this anything to be worried about? I frequently use it for travel and don’t want any issues on planes or through security etc

Thank you

Make sure the ports are free and clear of any dust or debris. Also, how lo g are you giving it for the lights to go off? I just checked mine, although m in new the smaller 13k version, the lights go off after roughly 20 to 30 seconds

Hi, yes the ports are clear and clean. It normally shuts off within 30 seconds like you say but now it just stays on.
No matter the percentage of the battery, fully charged the 4 LEDs just remain lit indefinitely, if I’ve been using it and down to 1 or 2 LEDs then they also just remain lit.

Plug a USB-C to A into both ports and it shuts off (I guess some kind of protection feature?).

That’s the reset procedure, it should be fine now.

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Since you are within your warranty, I would reach out to support@Anker.com because it shouldn’t be going into protect mode everytime you use it. But it could just be a fault of the cord being used. So try to use a different cord and see if you have the same result. If so, then send support a message and see what they say.

Thing is it’s fine for a while and then goes back to not turning off and I have to “reset” it again.

I have emailed support@Anker so will see what they have to say.

I am having a similar issue with this edition, and not sure of the reset process. I have plugged 2 cables (Nintendo Switch charge + Anker USB cable) into each available port for the 3-5 seconds, and it did not solve the issue. Black button on the side also seems incapable of providing a reset or hard reboot. Additional tips please?

You need to use 1 cable, plug it into the usb port and the other end into the USB-C port. Leave it plugged in for 10 seconds to reset. If all else fails send support@anker.com a email, provide the serial number and order number and let them.know the issue