Powercore 20100 does not charge my Iphone 6


I’ve just received a PowerCore 20100, and charged my watch "Polar"without any issue.
But with the iphone6, the charging time is reduced to 2mn… and I need to press the side button to restart the load… so it is not usable!

I do not find any firmware update on the Anker web site…

Is there anyone aware about this kind of issue? With a solution?
If not I will return it to Amazon… no choice…


Hello Thierry,

Would you please try testing with another charging cable to see if the issue still happens? Also, when I run into issues like this, it’s typically due to debris (like pocket lint) that builds up in the phone’s charging port. It might be worth using a small toothpick to clean out the port.

The PowerCore 20100 will shut off when the wattage dips below a certain threshold when it “thinks” your phone is full, so an older charging cable or something in the charging port could mess with this detection.

At any rate, feel free to reach out to support@anker.com for further assistance!

I made the test with my iPhone 6, my cable and another battery: OK
I made the test with an iPhone X, my cable and the powercore: KO
PS: I will try tomorrow with a more recent cable

Hello again

I have bought a new cable and cleaned with a dust bomb the iphone socket … same symptoms … the charge begins … then stops quite quickly … alas!
last try : cleaned out the port with toothpick and a dust bomb… not better!
I’m really sorry … the product looks really good but it seems not working well with Iphones (too sensitive?)

Warm regards

Do you happen to be on the beta ios software? Because there have been reports of the beta operating system not allowing the phone to charge properly from battery packs

I use à standard version of iOS.


Hi team,
I’m having exactly the same issue with my Motorola G7 Plus. My whole set-up is new in the last 2 weeks - phone, powerbank and USB-A to USB-C cable. The cable works fine when I use it with other power sources. The powerbank is also brand new, and has no issue charging other devices from the same port, so I don’t believe there is any dirt in the port.
Any other suggestions? It’s basically unusable with this phone at the moment :frowning:
Thanks in advance,