Powercore 20100 charging issues

Got a new Powercore 20100 this morning, out of the box there was no charge, LEDs did not light when I pressed the button. When I plug it in anywhere (iPhone charger, iPad charger, PC USB port, Monitor (supposed) fast charging USB port) all that happens is the bottom LED flashes twice and then goes off. Is the light supposed to continue flashing?

It’s been on the iPad charger for about six hours now and is still cold and no lights show when I press the button.

What product code? Is it A1271?

Like this?

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Yes, that’s the one.

I’d first suspect the cable. Try different cable. A to B like the bundled cable.

I’d next say keep trying different chargers. You want to find something saying 5V 2A and NOT saying anything else. It can be more than 2A but must not say 9V or other.

I suspect your iPad charger may be of that type already?

If after trying different cables, and chargers, and If you’re sure you’ve used a 5V 2A charger, then probably a dud unit so email support@anker.com with serial number, proof of purchase, full description of issue.

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Thanks, I’ve tried a number of chargers and cables. I’m pretty sure the iPad charger is 5V 2A. I got the PowerCore from Amazon and I’ve contacted their support this morning and they’ve given me a refund. (it’s near impossible to return one of these in the UK, no courier will take a lithium battery, especially if it’s potentially defective)

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It’s bad you had a dud, good you got refund.

Personally I’d not buy that particular Powercore as it’s an older model.

If you bought it literally for it being there on front page, and you paid that price of £31, I’d consider these instead

If cost is your focus then this is newer version, lower cost than what you bought

But if you like the idea of speed then this is next up in cost 18W faster

Or 20W for slightly more


Most newer iPhones accept 9V 2A which is the 18W or 20W, but you need a C to Lightning cable for charger to iPhone.

And a good travel charger which does 20W

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Thanks for that detailed info. Anker has a very confusing product lineup, I checked a number of reviews and the 20100 seemed to be getting the better reviews over the other 20000 Anker models.

I hadn’t appreciated the difficulties in returning a powerbank if it’s faulty and it’s put me off buying a replacement from Amazon. I’ll see what the options are locally from Currys, Argos, e.t.c. before I make a decision.

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It’s possible your refunded Powercore may be able to come back to life.

Connect the supplied cable to loop the Powercore on itself. Connect it’s output to it’s input then press hold the power button.

Sometimes it works, and in your case nothing to lose!

It tended to work on these older models, less so newer models.

FWIW I’ve never had a DoA Anker Powercore and got at least a dozen over the years.

At least you got a refund :+1: