PowerCore 20100 Burnt!

Last day I connected my PowerCore 20100 to my PowerPort 6 60W for charging it, and after about 2 minutes, I felt a burning smell and immediately disconnected it from electricity.

After it, my powercore dosen’t work any more, and 1 of the 6 usb port of PowerPort 6 too.
It’s the first time that happened to me, and I have practically everything from anker in my home :relaxed:.


Wow and good spotting before something more serious happened.

What cable were you using? Does it look damaged? I’ve never seen anyone have this issue before. I just wonder if it was fully inserted but nevertheless, I’m sure Anker will sort this out for you.

You should email support@anker.com with images, serial numbers and info regarding this incident and parts involved.


Wow can’t say I’ve seen that happen so far without damage already to the unit or connectors (which this doesn’t look like)…as @Oggyboy has mentioned get in touch with support@anker.com with all relevant details for support under your 18 month warranty.


The cable it’s always anker the original one included in the box it was like new now it’s a little bit Burnt in the up side.

That is very unusual but thankful nobody is hurt.
Definitely get in touch with them. They will swiftly rectify your faulty items I’m sure.

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I hope it. I just wrote to them.

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I can remember buying a cheap cable from eBay and it starting to smoke and catch fire while I was in work. But can honestly never say I’ve had any worries about Anker cables or power packs.

I’m sure Anker will get back in touch with you prompt and resolve any issues you may have.

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Sure in fact it’s the first time ever that I had a problem like this with an anker product.

Yikes! Definitely email support@anker.com . I’m just glad that you were around when it happened. Keep us posted :slight_smile:

I have only ever seen 1 product burn up like that while charging and it was because the wall plug was going bad and it senters more current to the device than it can handle. Similar to your issue because you said that one plug port no longer works. Really glad you caught it before it had a chance to do more damage

That’s crazy never seen anything like that before with an Anker product. Glad you caught it in time.

Yes I just received their answer.

The powerport it’s working perfect now after the procedure that they tell me:

“in order to reset the switch, unplug all cables (including power cable) for five minutes and retry. This should help you to reset the dead port. “

For powercore i told them the serial number and waiting for a new answer.

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Glad the PowerPort is working for you now. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know you could reset a dead port. Going to try that now on my 5 Port 40w PowerPort.

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It didn’t fix mine :confused:

We are sorry to hear this issue, and hope you will be alright. We will help you solve this issue as soon as possible.:hugging:

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Just received the answer from technical support, they will send me a new powercore. :grin:
However what can I say? Anker has the best warranty services!


I don’t want to sound too harsh, but make sure the port does not have anything in it before you cram the cord in it to charge, and make sure nothing rattles around inside, that is a problem on its own.

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if was something inside, nothing wouldn’t have happened, because there wasn’t any contact.
And insert a microusb cable with something inside is very difficult, you must push it very hard without attention.