PowerCore 20000

When will the new PowerCore 20000 be coming out for sale

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If you are referring to the new PowerCore 20000 with PowerIQ 2.0, it is already available!


There is a PowerCore+ 20000 with USB-C PD coming soon, but that won’t be available until Q4 of the year.


is there a picture or something I can see?

I might be interested in the PowerCore+ 20000 with USB-C PD

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Not yet that I know of. Apparently, they will be “lighter” support passthrough, and the 20k will have 45W PD capabilities.

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sounds exciting

Just bought a Power Core 20000 today. I have to say I love it. Ithe is a tad long but that’s okay. I did notice that they are discontinued at Walmart so that is why I got it. Shopping with the wife you buy groceries and I will buy electronic. Nice Job Anker Another Outstanding Product!!!