PowerCore 15600 + LG G6; slow/trickle charging issue

Hi all

I have had a PowerCore 15600 since December 2015, using it with a Nexus 4, Nexus 5X, Huawei P10 Lite and currently a LG G6. I have found that the LG G6 is only being slow charged by the PowerCore, which is not enough to actually power device when it is turned on.

When the LG is connected to the PowerCore, I get a max charging speed of 500mA using Ampere
When the Huawei or Nexus is connected, I get a max charging speed of 1800mA using Ampere

I also have a PowerPort 5 (x2 home and work) and the LG reads max charging speed of 1800mA when using these; and I also get a max charging speed of 2000mA via the Nexus 5X charger and a Samsung Adaptive charger that came with the phone (phone was parallel imported from Singapore and the included USB charger cannot be used in local wall outlets)

I am using a mix of Anker USB-A to Micro-USB, USB-A to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C and Micro-USB to USB-C adapters depending on the phone and charger that is being used.

I have already reached out to Anker but they do not have an LG G6 to do testing with and because the PowerCore is out of its warranty timeframe, it cannot be replaced (even though it does not seem to be faulty as it charges all other devices without issue)

Does anyone have any thoughts?
Any way to reset the speed that the LG G6 have negotiated to use with each other?

Many thanks

Do not trust Ampere

Phones throttle their input current when you turn on the screen, some do it more than others, so the number you see is a false impression.

Buy a USB meter.

I should have mentioned that I am reading what Ampere is reporting as the max USB charging speed, not the speed it reports it is getting when charged (as I am well aware that the test can only be done when the screen is on and having the screen on means the battery is being used)

I started using Ampere when I noticed that when the screen off and the phone connected to the Powercore, the G6 continued to discharge.

Managed to grab a HTC 10 and used it with my PowerCore; Ampere did not show the max USB charging speed but his phone warned him that he was charging slowly. Looking up the specs on the HTC 10, I see that it also supported QuickCharge 3.0

Based on a sample size of 2, I am wondering if there is an incompatibility between PowerIQ on the PowerCore and QuickCharge 3.0 on the phone

PowerIQ is not QC3. This is why Anker makes QC products and non QC products. PowerIQ2 is a merge of QC with PowerIQ.

Incompatibility? No not really, they’d be negotiating to a lower common denominator.

Also, don’t trust Ampere, ever. It can show some number not remotely related to actual. The only thing to trust is a USB meter.

I have a LG G5, which also has QC3 technology, similar to the G6, so I had some experiences with Anker charger PowerIQ and LG phones.:

  • The G5 could charge at higher speed of QC2 and QC3 with their USB charger or a 3rd party charger. There is no problem.
  • The G5 could work with Anker Power IQ on Battery pack or desk USB charger. However, as the PowerIQ would work at max 5Vx 2A , the charger will charge the G5 at the speed of 5.2V and 1.6, 1.8A max (reading directly from a usb tester). The Amp would reduce once the screen was on or it reached 70-80% or so. Which is normal and comparable with iphone, ipad. If you have a usb tester (not the software app) you could check yourself easily.

Now back to your case, you mentioned you could only get 0.5A (from the software app) when the screen was on. When my G5 was on, the usb tester read 1.2A (battery 84%) with a power IQ source. I don’t know if you have a hardware or software issues. I would suggest you use stock charging cable and test it with a usb tester. If you can, borrow a second LG G6 and test it also.

As I said, I am using Ampere after seeing what was happening in real word; and while I don’t trust it fully, what it is reporting is comparable to real world results.

Sadly I am limited to only knowing one person with a G6 (me) and I doubt that I will spend money trying to get a USB tester when it is clear I have compatibility issues with my PC and the G6

I have a PowerDrive Speed 2 car charger coming from Australia, and am waiting on someone in the world to offer the Upgraded PowerCore Speed 20000mAh battery pack (Anker via Amazon will not ship direct to New Zealand and eBay does not have any)

Anker Support just sent this through; and based on the wording and if I an understanding it correctly, then there is a known incompatibility between devices that have QC 3.0 and PIQ

As for the question you mentioned, please be noted that the PIQ is compatible with QC 3.0 but the final charging speed would be slower than normal PIQ due to the different charging agreements. It is normal that a QC device warns about the speed if you use a PIQ battery to charge it. Your kind understanding would be much appreciated.

Wish I had of known this before purchasing a QC 3.0 device, otherwise I wouldn’t purchased …

I now wonder if my non QC 3.0 devices will charge on the QC 3.0 car charger purchased.

If you want to charge your LG G6 at highest speed, use your LG stock charger or any charger that have the QC3 marking. QC3 is a qualcomm technology, which are used in many devices that have qualcomm chip in it. Hence it is not that hard to find a QC3 charger.

I would not use the word “incompatibility” between your LGG6 and PowerIQ, because the PowerIQ device can still charge your LG at PIQ designed speed (10-12W max). it is your LG, which could go for more input (16-18W). Now, this is again just an assumption based on my LG G5, and your partial reports on your LG G6. I would need to see more tests to check.

A QC3 charger would normally be backward compatible with other devices but will be more expensive.

The PowerCore is used when I am on the move, so the “stock” charger isn’t any good to me in this situation (on a side note, the stock charger is useless for me at home as well as my LG G6 was parallel imported into New Zealand from Singapore and so comes with a “UK” USB charger which does not fit into Australia/New Zealand power points in the wall. This is why I use the PowerPoint 5 at home.

I have purchased a Powerdrive Speed 2 for the car (with 2 QC 3.0 ports), however getting an Anker battery pack into New Zealand is providing more difficult that it was when I purchased the PowerCore.

Anker on eBay only have a few models that will ship to New Zealand, all of them lipstick size; and does not have any of the models I am interested in upgrading to available to list on eBay
Anker on Amazon will not ship any batteries to New Zealand
Anker on Aliexpress only have a few models that will ship to New Zealand; and do not have any of the models I am interested in
Online stores in Australia are sold out of any new models and no online stores in New Zealand stock Anker (there is no Ankers presence in New Zealand)

I’m sorry to hear the inconvenience when you purchasing our products. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to expand the market to New Zealand.:grin:

Hi, I also have an LG G5. I didn’t know that people had issues with cords and banks and charging. The techie talk is beyond me. Based on your Anker product experience, what back up portable charger would you recommend for the G5? Do I need a cord other than the one that came with my phone?

The G5 (and G6) is quite flexible in term of charging. It has QC3 fast charge officially, so any batterypack that has marker Qualcommn quick charge 2/3 will be compatible with it. The PowerIQ can also work but won’t charge as fast as the QC3 compatible packs.

So in short, when you buy a backup battery for a LG G5, just look for the QC Quickcharge on it.

The cable with the G5 is sufficient for all the tasks.

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