Powercore+ 13400 blinks and but doesn't load while charging

Hi everyone,
I’m using a Samsung “Adaptive Fast Charging” Travel Adapter to charge faster the PowerCore+.
But instead of seeing the leds “load” from current status to 100%, the leds blink in a random way: once and then three times.
Should I avoid using this charger?

Hi @Iura_Boncalo, does the PowerCore+ charge OK with another charger? The charger you are using may be incompatible.

Hi @TechnicallyWell , thanks for offering troubleshooting. You are right that the problem might be an incompatibility issue.

@Iura_Boncalo , thanks for asking.

To verify the issue further, may we trouble you to kindly try recharging the Anker PowerCore + 13400 via another wall charger and another cable to confirm whether there is indeed incompatibility issue with the Samsung charger and our battery?

If the result is same after trying another working charger with another working cable, please feel free to contact Anker at “support@anker.com” for warranty claim.

Thanks in advance!

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