PowerCore 13000 | The Review

Today I will be reviewing the PowerCore 13000

First let’s start out with some specs. This powerbank has 13,000mAh of battery. It also sports two USB-A (standard USB) IQ ports to charge things with. It charges with micro-USB, which is kind of disappointing since it could be USB-C.

When I first took it out of the box, there were a few things I noticed.

~it’s small and light. It can pretty much fit in the palm of my hand.
~it’s plastic is hard, and high quality
~it comes in a nice mesh bag to keep it safe, and keep cables organized

I really like the mesh bag, because I keep a micro-USB cable, and a lighting cable in the bag with it, which is super convenient. The mesh bag is very well made. I won’t be expecting it to break anytime soon.

Another thing that I noticed, is that when I plug a cable to it, the battery pack automatically turns on. This feature just makes using this powerbank more convenient.

I did one times charge. My iPhone XR was at 37%, and I charged for 15 minutes exactly. When it was done it was 57%. So it charged 20% in 15 minutes. Since this has IQ charging, it will charge your device as quickly as it can be through a USB-A port.

Here I have some pictures for size comparison. The domino is to put some perspective on the width.

Thanks for reading this review! If you have any questions let me know! If they’re good enough I might add them to the main post :grin::wink:


And now for the magic trick!

Nice review :+1:


I do card magic :grin:

Good review. How is the mesh bag? Does it fill like it can last long?

Yes it is. It’s very well made. I will expect it to last at least as long as the battery :grin:

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Good review… does it charge other devices while itself is being charged?

And this time I read the complete review and found no tricky questions in review :wink:

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I don’t think this is generally safe to do with battery packs :wink:

Well done :joy::wink::sunglasses:

There are some instances it is useful, example for security cams, Raspberry Pi Projects etc… Powercore Fusion does it, https://www.anker.com/products/A1621011

With Anker’s technology, safety is built in

Yes, I’m not saying it’s not useful. It’s just not what should generally be done :wink:.

I really love the objects you used for size comparison

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Very nice!! I agree with @ktkundy that the objects used for size comparison were good choices!

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I use this feature extensively, so mentioned it. Have the fusion already,

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Ooh, sweet. I hope you leave a review for it :grin:

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I have a lot of Anker items I need to write reviews for :smile: will do it one of these days

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Good review and size comparison photos @Anjou1888 :thumbsup:

But no hidden test this time :cry: :laughing:

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Did you like the test :grin::joy::sunglasses:

great review and photos!

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Nice review. Thanks for all the eye candy aka pics.

Thanks for the review!!