PowerCore 10400 recharging issue

Just picked up a new unit from target. It has been 3 hours on the power outlet but I see only one solid LED light and the 2nd one is blinking. Overall it’s not a good feeling! Should I wait full 6 hours on the outlet and if it not charged by then then returned the item to the store for refund? Thank you!

I went to look at a review, it said that charge time is six to 7 hours. If you spread that out it would a out 1 h 45 m per dot. You are most likely ok. You can always try a different Plug in to make sure that is not the issue asxwell.

3 hours should move up the charge faster. Try different cable and then try different charger.

Is it model A1214

You’ll need to feed it 5V 2A - are you?

Thanks for the follow up! I just checked and it’s now 3 dots solid. I think I am OK. Sorry for my over reactions!

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Cool. Even so chances are your using too weak a charger investigate your charger and cable once this charging finished.

Yes, I am using an standard 10 watts USB (5 volt) wall output. Should I get an USB wall adapter with higher wattage rating? Thank you for your help.

No advantage of more than 5V 2A for this Powercore. Try different USB cable.

Note that it is possible to have a charger which is Quickcharge which when asked by a non-QC device for power defaults to 5V 1A so half the required current. The ideal situation is the charger literally on the small print says 5V and at least 2A, it saying more than 2A like 2.4A is fine but must not say 9V.

Probably the cable is dud. That’s harder to diagnose without owning a USB meter which can measure the voltage drop they cost about $20 and it’s only worthwhile each family having just one geek to own. About 1 in 8 non-Anker cables fail and about 1 in 20 Anker cables fail. Longer cables fail faster as more places along their length for a kink or bend to cause a hidden internal fracture which loses about 1.5V so only 3.5V comes out the end so it kind of works and only really a USB meter can detect.

Powercore cells and then whole unit are tested at the Factory and then only would be dud if the battery had been stored either at near-freezing or hot conditions. So long as it’s professional electronics warehouse which keep cool but not hot or cold, then shelf life of batteries about 2 years. So most times it’s more likely a dud cable so eliminate that first, followed by charger being the wrong type then finally look at the Powercore as by elimination the fault.

Your input is greatly appreciated! I will try a different cable. I had just one more question for you. In an emergency situation, can I recharge this PowerCore from a cigarette lighter USB from a running car?

Yes just need ideally the same output 5V 2A+

Most in built usb car sockets are not 2A but a cigarette lighter like this one (there are many others also)