PowerCore 10400 Portable Power Bank with PowerIQ

Just purchased this device to recharge my tablet and phone on the go; however seem to have got a faulty one.

I charged it up so that all four blue lights were showing when I pressed the button.

I then recharged my phone from 50% to full, then recharged the Power Bank - for a while all seemed well with 4th light flashing showing it was recharging. After a while this stopped and all lights off - then just one blue flashing light. It will now not recharge anything nor accept a charge.

First time this happened I returned as faulty. Now the replacement has done exactly the same. I have got a refund

Have I done anything wrong? Two faulty Power Banks???

Any ideas?


Hi @davidcooper,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community.

We regret to know that you have problems with the two Power Banks. Please accept our sincere apologies for the unpleasant experience brought to you. Rest assured that Anker always keeps to improve the product quality and take the full responsibility for the function of our products according to the 18-month warranty policy. Although we work hard to ensure high-quality standards through multiple quality checks, we regrettably still come across defective products occasionally.

Since the units have been returned for a refund, it’s a pity that we are unable to try some troubleshooting tips to see if it can be fixed. In the future, we recommend you email us at support@anker.com with your order details for support. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Sorry again for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your support.

It doesn’t sound like you caused the malfunction. But I am curious what charger you used to recharge the battery bank. Anker does have voltage protection circuits built on but that is the only possible reason I can see why both of your power banks would have malfunctioned. Sorry to hear you had to deal with a faulty unit. I hope this experience hasn’t turn you off to Anker products.

Hi Anker Support,

Thank you for your reply. In fact I was unable to return the second one as the Post Office refused to take it (they claimed it was on their prohibited list). The suppliers did give a refund.

So I still have it. Am very happy to try any troubleshooting suggestions.



Hi Jesse,
Thank you for your reply.

The charger I use is one I use to charge phone and tablet - its a Lenovo AC Adapter model SC-14 rated output 2A at a range of voltages from 5.2v to 12v (Input ratings 100-240v at 50-60Hz 0.5a)



Having had both battery banks fail back to back the charger you described is the most likely culprit as to why the power banks both failed and I would be cautious in the future. It sounds like the wall adapter put to high of a voltage and did not stop charging when the batteries were full. You can pickup a USB multimeter to see what voltages the Lenovo wall adapter is putting out for around $10. Your other option is to pickup an Anker wall adapter with IQ2.0 an Anker proprietary tech that will give you the same Quick charge capabilities with more safety features built in for around $15 just search Anker IQ 2.0 on Amazon to browse the available chargers with IQ2.0 tech. Best of luck