PowerCore+ 10050 Vs. PowerCore Speed 10000?

need something that will quick charge my S10+ and charge from Micro-USB.

I have a PowerCore 10000 PD and PowerPort+ Atom III and do not want to carry a larger USB-C charger this trip.

PowerCore+ 10050 Vs. PowerCore Speed 10000?

seem to be about the same?

Yes, and so is PowerCore II 10000, which I would recommend.

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Iā€™m confused.

The S10+ is a USBC phone, so why would you want micro-usb?

I figured that out! haha. I need Micro-USB for a music player and camera.

Just carry those cable and charge the battery with USB-C cable.

Maybe cut it down with a multi cable, I think Anker does one with micro,c,lightning on one end and usual usb on the other.

You mean this one? Anker Powerline 3 in 1


How much more discriptive do.you want than a row of thumbs up @AnkerTechnical?