Powercore+ 10050 heat issue

This week i have bought powercore+ 10050 and anker 3.0 wall charger. I just want to know is it normal (the battery itself getting very hot) while the battery being charged with 3.0 wall quick charger??

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If its getting “very” hot I would contact Anker and just get it replaced. If its getting hot enough for you to feel concerned Id go eith your gut feeling and get it replaced under their 18month warranty. Better to be safe than sorry.

Couple of questions
What is phone/model
Is the phone in a case
About how long is it charging when it get hot.
It it too hot to touch

There is no phone, and no phone case he wants to know if an Anker Portable charging battery he owns is supposed to get hot or if its normal. All of my Anker Batteries get warm not hot as he describes. Therefore I suggested for him to get it exchanged under warranty. Anker has great customer service and will help him out.

Not sure about “very hot.” Mine definitely gets warm when charging, but nothing I’d consider to be “very hot.”

it’s not unusually for batteries and/or chargers to get warm when being charged, especially when charged at full speed. “Very Hot” is hard to quantify, but if the temperature has changed from what you are used to then I would probably discontinue use and contact support for guidance and/or replacement.

Warm is fine. Hot to the point where you can’t touch it more than 15 seconds is too hot.


How hot is the cable and the wallcharger and is the Anker charging ok?

It really shouldn’t be getting ‘very hot’ but it could just be a bad cable.

I dont own any QC tech but from its write-up it seems it is deliberately using the fact you can squeeze in energy faster when the battery is less charged and then trickle charges to fully charged. That is telling me that anything QC would necessarily be hotter than non-QC? It is riding the maximum current, by definition. I read how QC3 is smarter in squeezing more energy in through the whole process.

You then have Anker added Voltageboost, if its a bad cable/socket then it ups it again so making the charger even more hard worked.

As others have said, there is likely a too-hot level you may need to own multiple QC to know what is acceptable.

Hi, this is AnkerDirect.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing problems with your battery.

Kindly be advised a little warmth is to be expected, but excessive heat could indicate a fault. It does sound like it may be faulty, but in order to double check, could you please try a different wall charger and different cables? If the issue turns out to be with our unit, please send the email to support@anker.com, all Anker products have a-18 Month Hassle Free Warranty.

Apologies for the inconvenience and we look forward to hearing from you.

If it is getting hot, something must not be right with your PowerCore. I have the PowerCore + 10050 2.0 and 3.0 which gets slightly warm while charging, but never hot. I would get it replaced asap just in case. I would call customer service and tell them what is happening, and that you feel that this could be a fire safety issue. Anker is excellent about replacing their products if you feel something is wrong.

I have tried another Powercore+ 10050 that one is getting hot too. If i charge it with 2.4a output the temp is normal. I believe this powerbank is not compatible with “Qualcomm 3.0 quick charger”. I have tested it with “Anker QC3.0, Ravpower QC3.0 and Ugreen QC3.0” charger adapter with different cables.

When i use Ravpower “ismart” port temperature is normal but charging time takes longer. When i charge "Aukey QC3.0 5000mah powerbank it is not getting hot. We better not to charge powercore+ 10050 with QC3.0 output port.

When the battery 0% and you put it on charge first 10-20 mins the temp is normal but after 40-50mins or 40% it gets too hot about 80-100mins and then temp goes down. You know how it smells when electronic device burns? i smell same thing during the charge believe or not this is not normal and i do not want to stay with a bomb in my room.

So I don’t know QC and only what you wrote, so you had 2 powercore and tried with 3 mains changers including Anker’s Powerport and a few cables, and you experience all of these combinations with the powercore being too hot.

That reads as either you had bad luck with 2 powercore with the same fault (possible as they will be made in batches so Anker can check the batch number), or what you said (its designed wrong), or you are just being too sensitive.

If you read up on how QC works, it deliberately is pushing to the thermal limits.


If you are concerned I would suggest you contact Anker, aside from them people on here can give you a million different possibilities of what may be going on. Dont risk your safety and that of your families trying to self diagnose let Anker take care of your concerns they are great at honoring their warranty.

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