Powercore 10050 Battery Pack Charge Issue

We have a Powercore 10050 battery pack. It used to be able to get to full battery quickly by plugging it into an electric wall outlet but now it takes days for the battery pack to be fully charged. Any tips on restoring this battery pack would be appreciated.


Hiya, have you tried using a different usb charging cable and/or different wall plug. I had a similar issue with mine and it turned out to be the charging cable causing the problem.

If that fails I would suggest contacting Anker Support support@anker.com with your purchase details, serial number on the product and issue via email and Iā€™m sure they will provide a suitable solution to replace it.


+1 on what @Oggyboy suggests. Using another charger could maybe solve your situation.
Otherwise, support@anker.com will be there for you !

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The charging cable was the issue! Thanks!


Good news as they are cheap and easy to replace :grin: