PowerCore 10000 vs Speed 20000 (Original) Recharge Times

Hi everyone, as I was browsing the Anker product pages of the PowerCore 10000 and the original Speed 20000, I came across an FAQ sections, and discovered that the recharge times for both of these devices is 6-7 hours using a 2A recharger, even though the Speed 20000 has double the capacity of the 10000.

Does this make since to anyone? I’d greatly appreciate your explanation.


Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense to me either. Maybe Anker just copy-pasted the information from one page to the other when they were making the new website?

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I’m wondering if the 10000 which I own actually pulls 2A. I’d have to meter it.

Probably typo.

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You may be onto something. If the 10k doesn’t actually pull a full 2A, then there’s still room for improvement.
Perhaps the 20k can pull closer to double the amp draw.

Oooorrrr, its a copy-pasta error or a boilerplate answer to cover the worst case scenarios, either of which are probably more likely.

maybe thats why its called powercore SPEED

hahah, i actually have no idea.

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i’d have to drain my 10000 and check the meter periodically measuring Watts as it recharges.

I don’t have the Speed to measure.

The Speed really refers to its output which is easier to step up thermally than input, albeit with the extra electronics which is why heavier larger higher cost.

Thanks guys for giving me a shout, I asked my colleague and confirmed that the PowerCore Speed 20000 actually needs 9-10 hours to fully charge using a 2.4 A wall charger, we will revise this mistake ASAP!


Does that mean the Speed 20000 is capable of ingesting 2.4A? The Amazon listing says 2A.

Yes, we will revise this mistake.

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