PowerCore 10000 stop charging iphone after few minutes

I have a new Anker powercore 10000 from Amazon and it is fully charged - if you push the button, all 4 LED lights are on. However, every time I plug in to my iPhone, it first starts charging for few minutes (e.g., add maybe 5%) then just stops even though the phone is far less than fully charged. I had an older model of Anker which has the similar problem. Anyone has any suggestion?


Have you tried different cables?

Yes I just tried a different cable which seems to work much better.

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Your power bank may be defective, you could contact support@anker.com for troubleshooting.
We will try the best to help you solve the problem.:innocent:

have you tried changing the cable?
sometimes the cable is what really doesn´t work, it has happened to me, but, if you have already tried it, it could be that this device is defective

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Try a different cable worked for me

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Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I tried different cables and only the original Apple cable works. The other certified cables all seem to have the same problem that stop charging after a very short period of time.

Then that would be a fault of the cables not the batterypack.

I am having a similar problem. I just bought a new Anker. It charges the iPhone for a few minutes then stops. I changed cables… that doesn’t help. I tried other iPhones… same problem.

A friend of mine has a Huawei phone. It charges his fine. I borrowed his older Anker… and that charges my iPhone without issue (using the same cables that don’t work with my newer Anker). Any other ideas?

I’ll be returning the Anker in a couple of days and have already ordered another product as I need a working battery pack within a few days.

Also tried this…

No success.

I just bought an A1236 Powercore 10000 PD+.
I have the same problem remains through the USB-A even after I swapped a few cables, which are all either original xiaomi high quality fast charging cable and other brand of original fast charging cable.

Problem solved when I long press the powerbank power button to switch into Trickle-charging mode which originally used to charge small devices, the powerbank surprisingly able to fast charge my xiaomi phone! This is indicated by the quick charge icon sign shown on the phone screen.
I unswitched the Trickle mode later to see what would happen and the powerbank is sort of like “IQ learned” and constantly quick charge my phone, after the phone sounded and notified charged/uncharged twice.

My guess, although Anker should look into this further: it seems like the Power IQ and the Trickle-charging mode are a bit buggy in the circuit or else parts, which might be a device’s engineering issue/defect.

Hope Anker may check further and improve where need be, it’s a good brand and quality product indeed.