Powercore 10000 Redux charging slow

I have the Powercore 10000 Redux which is supposed to output 5V at 2.4amps but when charging my Moto G7 Power that is capable of accepting at least 2.4amps at over 5 volts it never charges faster than 1.5amps. The Moto easily accepts 2.4amps from its wall charger. Why does the Redux charge so slowly when fully charged itself?

The PowerCore 10000 Redux shall be able to fully charge a Moto G7 Power ( 5000mAh) in about 3.5 hours. Please test other known working cables to see how it works. If it turns out not charging properly, please reach Anker Customer Support at support@anker.com for further help.

The cable I used with the Powercore is the exact same cable I use with the phone’s home charger and it delivers full 5.8 volts at 2.8 amps but that cable with the Anker Powercore 10000 Redux (A1234) only delivers about 1.4 or 1.5 amps at 5 volts as measured with the Ampere app from the Android Play store and also via a USB charge indicator. This is even with the A1234 fully charged and while charging the Powercore it takes a full 2amp charge.

Ampere is not accurate, only a USB meter is accurate.

Is that a USB meter?

When you use a phone, i.e. unlock the screen and look, then the heat generated by use causes the phone to reduce the input, thermal throttling. Only OnePlus does off-device DC-DC conversion, that I am aware of. So Ampere under-reports as it is running on the phone, unlike a meter external.

Are you seeing the supplied charger actually show 2.4A and the Powercore show 1.4A? So you know the 2.4A is true?

Yes that is what my USB charger shows, and Ampere is very close to the readings of my USB meter. My Moto is the only device I have that will take more than 1.5 amps. I understand that Ampere will show slightly lower readings because it only shows what is going to the battery as opposed to the USB meter showing total amperage. Either way with the A1234 fully charged it is only delivering about 1.4 amps to the G7 Power via a USB 3.0 cable.

Also, I purchased the A1234 from your Amazon store on April 20, 2019.

Well as you have already tried 2 cables (cables are the most common cause of fault) then it looks like a dud Powercore and above you been told what to do, you’ll get a fastest response if you quote your order number and serial number.