PowerCore 10000 Redux 15% off, Powerport 6 only $11.99 amazon US

This would be a great first battery - 10000 mAh in a compact space.

And this is just ridiculously cheap for this product.


Pretty good deals :+1:. Keep em coming!

Super deals :pray:

PowerPort 6 Lite looks great! @Noel_Taylor check this if interested, remember you were checking on permanently powered on charger

thanks for sharing these deals!

Fantastic deals, thanks for thinking of me too @Shenoy

I’m UK based, so no good for me. I did already buy another PowerPort 5 after people agreeing they would be ok 24x7

Takes me to 5 of these in my house now!!

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Current UK deals.

Great deals!

Sounds good, glad our posts were of help in assisting with your decision :thumbsup:

I got excited when I read, Redux $11.99. Only to be reminded that I skimmed and didn’t read the whole line. FacePalm LOL. Still good prices though.

Oh yeah that redux at $11.99 would easily be the best deal this year.

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great deals :thumbsup:

Really nice deals man thanks for sharing

Good deals. Wish the charger I want was 37% off :sweat_smile:

I keel looking at getting that power bank maybe I should finally get it

Which one? the 10000 redux?

Yeah been looking into getting a bunch of Anker powerbanks but I just want them all lol

The fusion 5000 is my favorite. I’ve also got a Speed PD 20000, PowerCore 5000, and a Powercore II 2000, which is still my favorite large capacity bank because of the dual input.

I don’t have anyhting that’s compact and larger than 5000 though, which that redux does for sure.


I have the fusion 5000 I love it so much I’ll look into the others thanks

I have the Powercore Fusion myself, find it useful for lot of application / devices to charge & power

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Power or fusion was so great best purchase so far

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