Powercore 10000 PD Redux slow charge

I just got the PC 10000 PD Redux for its small size and fast charge. Its able to charge my phone fine but to charge the powercore itself was showing only 5v 1amp. I thought its suppose to charge at 3 amps? I used two different usb volt meters with same 1 amp current going in nothing more.

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What wall plug are you using to charge this

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Its an Aukey that can do QC 3 as my Anker PD 30watt wont be here til tomorrow.

I guess the circuitry only allows 18w charging w a PD charger and must be usb c to usb c cable
Specs to Aukey charger

I tried my Anker car dual port QC 3.0 charger with the same 5V 1 amp results.

Ive sent anker a msg, lets see how we get this resolved.
im thinking the unit may be defective?

I bought this just in time for a trip tomorrow as I dont want my bigger 28600 mah packs in my pocket.
Looks like its going to be a problem now.

Powerport Atom PD1 charges at 15 Volts 1.11 Amps

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It looks like the Powercore 10000 PD Redux accepts Power Delivery for the input, so Quick Charge 3.0 won’t be compatible. This could explain the 5V 1A you are seeing.
Glad to see the Atom is working for you!

Wish they would disclose that this Powercore is not compatible with QC 3.0 ahead of time. The Aukey QC charger I have does 5V 3 Amps, 6.5-9V 2 amps, 9-12V 1.5Amps.

I thought it would have at least worked with 5V 3 Amps.

Lucky I had purchased the powerport atom yesterday and got it today as I leave for a week on business tomorrow morning.

The thing is most devices that utilize quick charge states that, so it’s not fair to fault anker for not disclosing that it cannot charge via QC when in fact this is a Power delivery battery pack. Also with the majority of QC plugs, even if they can output a specific voltage/watts it still needs that handshake from the device to tell it to do so. And to get that from a Non QC device is almost impossible.

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It is disclosed. Quick Charge is not listed in the PowerCore 10000 Redux’s specs. Quick Charge is specific technology. It has to be listed for you to assume it is available. Anker also lists the input specs as being for USB-C PD technology. Hence why the Atom PD 1 charges it so much faster.

Almost no USB-C device actually draws 5V/3A fully. Even with a 15W USB-C (no PD) power source you’d see closer to 5V/2A. Nature of the beast. And why Anker listed USB-C PD for input specs, not regular USB-C.

Also be aware the Redux will not fast charge your devices if you use both ports at once. You have to have only one USB-C device connected in order to get fast charging. And the device needs to support USB-C PD. No Quick Charge on output, either.