PowerCore 10000 PD A1236 VS Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux

So i have a PowerCore 10000PD And its Great, i know its 18W USB C And 10W USB A, Which is Perfect for Its Size and Capacity. But then im Seeing the PowerCore 10000 PD Redux for Almost Double the Price, And With a Button. and it seems to be 18W USB C, OR 12W USB A and then the USB A Has some Trickle Charge thing. Why is this battery now the only one they produce yet it cant output as much Wattage at Once? Is there any Special Advantage? or should i just buy a seccond PD 10000 PD A1236

Prices fluctuate across products so don’t be too focused on the price today.

The original was the 10000 PD 18+10W , then they made 10000 PD 18 or 12W. They then seemed to stop making, so the price went up, of the original.

I’d be wary of buying now the original 10000 PD 18+10W as it risk being manufactured old and cells don’t like age.

I suspect they struggled at cost or reliability with the original. I have one, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I would buy whatever is cheaper. Both seem to be good options

Both are great options. But as @professor mentioned it might have an older set of batteries and cell don’t don’t like age. However, I’d still get the cheaper one if I needed to save a few bucks. It still comes with a warranty if its new from an Authorized store.