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Hey, fans!

It’s no secret that one of our most popular chargers (and one of the most popular chargers in the world) is PowerCore 10000; the compact, high-capacity portable charger. With this latest version, we’ve taken our signature design and technology and added an all-new element: Power Delivery.

Now you can give your USB-C devices the full-speed 18W charge they deserve, without being anywhere near the wall. And all from a charger that fits perfectly into any pack, palm, or pocket.

Let’s break it down:

Simultaneous Charging

Double the ports, double the charge! Your USB-C devices draw 18W from the Power Delivery port, while the PowerIQ port delivers 10W for USB-A. Best of all, you can charge from both of these ports at the same time—without sacrificing speed.


PowerCore 10000 PD holds enough power to keep your flagship smartphone charged for a couple of days away from the wall outlet. It even has the capacity to provide almost 1 full charge for iPad Pro.

Trickle-Charging Mode

Other portable chargers may not be able to detect and deliver the tiny power requirements of small devices and wearables. PowerCore 10000 PD features a new mainstay of our portable charging series, Trickle-Charging Mode. Switch into this low-power mode to ensure a fast and safe charge for your headphones, rechargeable flashlights, and other smaller gear.

Travel Ready

You’d expect a battery with this much power to come in a considerable size. But thanks to premium components and state-of-the-art engineering, we’ve managed to squeeze it all into something roughly the size of king-size candy bar. Whether you’re keeping your PowerCore in your pocket while out wandering like our handsome model in the picture, or you’re putting it in a small luggage pocket to make room for more essential items, PowerCore will fit wherever it needs to go!

**Exclusive Deal**

As always, Anker fans first!

You on the community are the first to receive this special 20% discount for PowerCore 10000 PD. If you’re ready to kick your mobile life up a notch with Power Delivery, just click open the link below and use the code to check out.

PowerCore 10000 PD (20% OFF)
Valid: Limited quantity. First come, first served.
For Residents in: The US, UK, Canada, and Germany (the UK discount has been automatically applied, so no code is required)

What other accessories would you like to see incorporate Power Delivery? Let us know in the comments, and as always…

Power On!


Great deal. Thanks Anker!! :+1:

Good deal, thanks for posting. I would update mine but their still working fine

Omg that’s a great deal thank you so much I might pick one up

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Sweet discount, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

A very tasty discount indeed. I don’t think it’s wise to put anymore in my draw at the moment as my PowerCore 20000 takes up a big chunk of space! :joy:

I would agree that 10,000 is the “sweet spot” for power banks: plenty of power, but not too big to carry.


I would buy this, but if I did I would sit have a second product I would have to buy (usb-c to lighting). So I’ll wait til you have a deal on one with regular usb :wink:

Looking at the UK Amazon page, it’s not showing any discount?

Usually if a product is discounted, it shows BOTH prices

This occasion, it shows just one price…the full price. So instead of … Was ??.?? And now 26.39, or will the price drop when purchasing.

As 20% off of 26.39 is 21.11(2)

Its previous price was £32.99 , it is a bit confusing though compared to a standard redeem code…

@MacBlank it was first come first serve, so it may have been used up already

Usually when a price has been dropped, it shows the higher price crossed out, and the newer price underneath.

Thanks Anker, nice deals :grin:

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Nice deal! Thanks :+1:

Great deal! I need it!!!

Nice deal :+1:

Cool. it’s a tad expensive for only 10Ah.

I’m looking for something nearer to 13Ah - 15Ah, I’m sure one will come along…

I have a laptop I verified takes 18W PD and one I verified takes 45W PD so ideally one Powercore which does 45W around the 15Ah and an Atom 2 60W version would be probably what would get my money.


[quote=“professor, post:19, topic:67045”]
Powercore which does 45W around the 15Ah
[/quote]I doubt we’ll be seeing this very soon. Maybe a 20k version, but probably not 15k until Anker starts using GaN in its portable chargers.

The UK discount quota is running out. It is estimated that the discount will only last until the 18th. If there are still UK fans who need this product, you need to get one as soon as possible.:innocent:

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Sorry to make your confusion, the £26.39 is the discount price and it will not last long.

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