PowerCore 10000 for low-power device and avoiding shutdown


I have just bought a PowerCore 10000 that I want to use as a power-source for a small low-power device (rather than for charging a battery of a phone or the like).

The problem I face is that the PowerCore seems to perform a shutdown about 1 min and 30 secs after having plugged in the USB-cable to my device. I guess this is because my device draws so little current, that the PowerCore believes that the device is “fully charged”.

Here are my questions:

(1) Where can I find information about the minimum current requirement of the PowerCore 10000?
(2) Do you have any ideas/workarounds I can use to make it work?
(3) Do Anker have alternative products that are more well-suited for my specific application?

Look forward to hear from you.

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(1) (3) wait for @AnkerOfficial

(2) I have three ideas which are basically hacks and not ideal but probably will work.

Use a different Powercore, likely has a different lower threshold. My guess is the Powercore+ mini.

Place the USB output into a USB hub and connect another device which draws a small but sufficient amount of power to keep tricking the Powecore into draining power. There are (were) these small thumb size $1 type devices which take USB power input.

Use solar. Solar is good for servicing smallest power needs. Is you low-power device having a small internal battery to last less-sun times, or is its usage such as only-solar workable?

Use basically an inferior product which is less efficient but keeps powering out. I have one which is inefficient from another company I won’t mention which is likely more likely to work for you, it will auto-power-on for the lightest of reasons (it also has a solar panel).

I know why Anker did this, it is electrically efficient. The electronics to take the 3.7V output from the internal battery, regulate it and uplift to 5V output takes some energy. In normal typical use you’d lose only about 6%-7% from this electronics but at very small mah output the electronics become proportionally more draining. I have non-Anker similar products and they’d keep their internal electronics active for the tiniest draw like a mobile phone doing its trickle-charge when at 99% charged and a lot of energy lost in the charging electronics serving the tiniest external need.

I prefer Anker’s approach it suits my needs best.

Good luck!

OH, and Anker tends to answer questions fastest via email to support@anker.com, usually a little faster than here on Facebook, tend to be slowest to reply here.

I had an issue with a PowerCore 20k where it wouldn’t charge my phone fully. But mine would just shut off completely… as in it wouldn’t even show me the battery’s capacity after pressing the side button (even when I knew it was fully charged).

But from this issue support told me “The minimum current of the battery requires 55mA…” which I assume its the same for the 10k version.

What kind of low power device is it?

Sou ds like you need a powerbank that does trickle charge… I know Anker does one

Here it is