PowerCore 10000 Button Question

What the hell is the power button for?

What is this product, is it even an Anker / its Sister company’s product?

please provide more details,


Also supply photo of said product and said button

ANKER PowerCore10000

So you can see the current charge state of the PowerCore without having anything attached…also can used to jump start charging for devices with a low power draw…

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I thought the button might also be capable of initiating trickle charge mode but that doesn’t seem to be available on this model.

It would also be helpful in the future if you would include a model number. There are a lot of very similar power Banks.

Also it sure seems suspicious that your username is very similar to other Jim Clark’s


Liking for the Phineas and Ferb reference.

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Wrong post, but sentiment sticks! Oops

How many times have we had to question in the past, a description n photo in the power draw?

You must take greater care and stop abusing the … We can change our mind any time rule.

That is unprofessional … Just like the kid who says let’s play ball, and then as soon as he loses takes the ball home
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That’s what this reminds me off.

You know when you get your phone.out and double tap the screen or tap power or whatever to see the time … That’s the power button, and as Neil (@ndalby) also said, also to start charging on lower powered stuff.

It’s to start the charging silo you don’t waste the power every power bank has it