PowerCore 10,000 mAh - Review

Hi everyone, here is the review of the beautiful and powerful Anker PowerCore 10,000.

I would like to point out that the original review is in Italian and you can find it here: https://www.amazon.it/review/RKJFP6OBHPMP1/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8

The review here is an abbreviated english version and translated with google translate so get angry with it (not with me :joy:) for any grammatical mistakes :innocent:

:package: PACKAGE :package:
The product comes in a really hard-packed hardboard box, the same as the ones of the iPhone of the same size as the PowerCore. While on the front of the box, we find the manufacturer’s trademark, in addition to the unique code of the product, the Power Bank’s capability, brief hints of interference and contacts (US Phone and Mail) are also shown on the back for customer service.

:mag_right: WHAT’S INSIDE :mag:
Inside the box we find: the PowerCore wrapped in a very thin plastic bag, a “Accessories” box with the charging wire wrapped in a practical travel bag where you can close it, a “Welcome Guide” containing PowerBank instructions and technical specifications, and finally a “Happy” on one side and “Not Happy” on the other, with all the procedures to contact Anker’s customer service for any doubt, clarification, replacement or other.

:clipboard: OBSERVATIONS :clipboard:
I begin by saying that this is the first Power Bank I buy. I was very tempted to buy the big brother by 20,000 mAh but then I reviewed my priorities (charging the phone on a ski day) and so I opted for this magnificent PowerCore of 10,000 mAh of which actual ones are about 6300. This because I was able to charge an iPhone 6 three and a half times. In the description of the article we would have to correct that “is able to charge 4 times an iPhone 6S” while it is to be said that in the always images of the insert is indicated 3.8 recharges for an iPhone 6S. Now let’s see some technical data I’ve been able to pick up while using the product. It immediately goes to the eye that this PowerCore 10000 brand Anker does not heat (or rather warms much but very little) neither when it is recharged nor when used to recharge another device. This factor is not to be overlooked, more so than we are now in the summer season. We are going to charge the Power Bank from 0% to 100%: 1st mark 1 hour (9:30), 2nd notch 1 hour (10.30), 3rd notch 1 hour 15 min (11:45), 4th notch ( 13:20). Total 4 hours and 50 minutes with 5V 2A power supply (I used the power of my Beats Studio headphones). Now let’s see how to recharge the devices, as a test I used my beloved iPhone 6. I was able to recharge it three and a half times with, of course, the Power Bank with 100% charge. During each charging session, the iPhone was leaving 5% of the remaining charge. The management of the bright LEDs is good, only the last one (indicating a charge from 0% up to 25%) is not very reliable. With this I mean that the last blue light does not last as the previous three. The blue LED lights are visible right, as opposed to what I have read in some other reviews.
With this product, in addition to the iPhone 5 recharged with 5V 1A, I had to charge the GoPro Hero 5 Black 5V 2A, iPad Air 5V 2.4A, Beats Studio 5V 2A headphones. All of these devices have been recharged with a standard timer when charging them with the wall outlet. This data proves that Anker Power IQ technology really identifies and recognizes the device that is charging by providing it with the right power intensity. So this PowerCore has a 5V and up to 2.4A output so it can recharge all the electronic devices that have a charging input of up to 2.4A. This is also important since we all know how dangerous it is to power a battery inside an electronic device (often and willingly also expensive) with a different amperage than the one indicated; This is not a banal advertisement but a technology that, in my tests, works very well.

:memo: JUDGMENT :memo:
Why did I prefer this Power Bank to others? Simply for the best ratio / capacity / weight / size ratio (paid € 17.99). One Power Bank can not choose just based on its charging capacity, that’s just the starting point. In my case, I needed an external material that would allow me to charge several devices over the course of a day. Of course, a 20mila mAh Power Bank is tempting, it has a capacity of up to a week with medium / intensive use. But as I said before, the amount of mAh is not all. I’m a bit like the megapixels of the camera, the taller and the better? But that’s not all, it also counts the management of other parameters and settings that make a perfect photo. In the case of the Power Bank, other parameters and settings are its weight, size, and quantity in both IN and OUT. This Anker 10mila mAh PowerCore is the smallest on the market, with the same charging capacity. In the second image is compared with a credit card, it is not so small, if you want to compare it with a common card you have to look at the blue border surrounding it.
The bag in the package is very comfortable and returns useful in many situations. The quality of the fabric leaves me some doubt, but it is still very soft and often enough to protect the Power Bank from discernible bumps.
This PowerCore has only one USB output and one charging input. The latest devices also feature 4 USB outputs and two inputs to recharge the Power Bank. This for many will be a rather important limitation, but for me it goes more than good for the same talk of the small size and weight.
I will use this Power Bank during my intense ski days to recharge my mobile phone, which even after half a day already leaves me because of the lack of signal and gps permanently active for tracking. So thanks to the small size it can very well enter the pocket of the snow jacket.
Finally I also recommend this product for the excellent after sales service offered by Anker.

:checkered_flag: VOTE :checkered_flag:
Excellent construction quality, good speed to recharge and recharge. Despite this I was undecided whether to put 4 or 5 stars. Clearly the product is excellent as well as the fantastic after sales service from Anker. The problem is represented by “false” information about the actual Power Bank recharge capacity in the “Product Details” section. However, I own my iPhone for almost 3 years, you have to take into account weather conditions (temperature) and many other factors that can affect the time and amount of charging your device. So I feel like I’m putting five good stars :star::star::star::star::star:.


Great review and pictures @JohnWatson it’s perfect battery for size/portability and charge available :slight_smile:


In fact it is my favorite! In the coming days I will get Astro E1 5200 mAh … I can not wait to try it :yum:

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Great review and accompanying photos @JohnWatson , the 10000 is my most used powercore in my collection :thumbsup:


Another great review, love the beats plug.


Thanks @ndalby! I also use this power core a lot :smile:

@elmo41683 you fell in love with my beats charger :joy::joy:

Haha honestly if I had one I would use it too. The plain old looking plugs are just an eyesore, but the beats one is cool to look at as most people recognize the logo and strike up conversation

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The truth is that this beats charger is the only handy 5V 2A I have. The iPad is too big with its 2.4A and the iPhone charger is too small with its 1A… I think it’s time to buy an Anker charger :joy:

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Check your power user page there might be one there

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Great detailed review :thumbsup:

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Yes, right! If an Anker charger will come up on the power user page I already see a mileage review and a comparison with the beats one :joy::smile:

Thanks @Oggyboy I appreciate it! :smile:

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:thumbsup: on the review. The 10000mAh, to me, is the perfect size for most things. I have the PowerCore 10000 and now the PowerCore II 10000. When I know that I will be out and about longer then usual and shooting with my GoPro, I carry the 10000 in my backpack. But if I know that it will just be a casual day and I might need it to just charge my iPhone 6s or Apple Watch, I’ll carry my Astro E1 6700mAh. Either way, neither has let me down. 10000mAh is ideal for me because it’s not too big and heavy to carry but also not too low on battery.

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I completely agree @Nhi. The PowerCore 10,000 mAh saves me every time during ski when I have to charge the gopro and the iPhone. The cold drain out the battery of my devices very quickly.
The only limitation is that this model of PowerCore has only one usb output, but I think it’s a good compromise considering the size and weight of this fantastic portable charger.
I’m also waiting for Astro E1, I think it will be delivered next week. One question: The Power User page shows 6700 mAh as the capacity of Astro E1, but if I click on the image, the amazon page that opens will show 5200 mAh. What should I consider?

Great review! Thanks for sharing, @JohnWatson!

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Thank you @TechnicallyWell!

Nice review John! Great looking product at a reasonable price.

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Thanks! :smile:

Great pictures, you literally included everything there is to include in those pictures :slight_smile:

I like the icons that divided the sections as well haha


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