PowerConf volume buttons while on a WebEx

I’m a big fan of my new Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone.

One issue I’m having is that the volume buttons on the device don’t work when I’m on a WebEx call. The mute button works great. But I can’t use the volume up (+) or volume down (-) buttons for some reason. Instead, I have to adjust the volume using the WebEx audio settings window.

As soon as I get off the WebEx call, the volume buttons work fine.

Has anyone experienced this too? Any suggestions for resolving?

I already upgraded firmware.


@Marty19 this is a known issue and Anker Support is aware. The buttons on PowerConf do not sync with third party apps. Future updates may address this issue.

Do write to Anker Support support@anker.com

Also update to latest version v26.48.