Powerconf prevent laptop from proper boot up

Whenever I have Powerconf plugin to laptop before it is boot up it will stuck at the logo screen, can someone help? Unplug and replug every boot up is not an acceptable workaround.

My configuration is in such a way that the powerconf is connected to my docking station in my home office but I have confirm no matter powerconf is plug in on the dock or the laptop directly it will prevent a success boot up.

@Ing_Diow i too faced this issue and had to change the Laptop boot order to resolve it successfully.

The PowerConf interrupts the boot process on Windows 7 and Windows 10. and the screen hangs on boot page. You need to go into Laptop Hardware BIOS and choose your HardDisk as Primary Boot device and disable boot from USB or any other devices. Save setting and reboot. I did this on Lenovo ThinkPad T480S.

what laptop model do you use.

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You may take a look at the boot options of your laptop.in bios
The order of booting devices can be altered in bios.
How to enter your bios you will find when booting.
It differs from laptop type.
(F-Key or key combination etc.)

But what makes me confused.
The laptop should usually boot only from an external device if this is really “bootable”
and should not stick.
If not , it will boot from the hard disk as usual.
This could be an issue with the WIN bootmanager.
But I dont know about much of WIN. :wink:

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In my experience, Windows will find any excuse it can to not boot. :rofl:
If this is a work computer and you are not able to access the BIOS settings, a cable with an on/off switch could help, something like this: https://www.amazon.com/JBtek-Male-Female-Cable-Switch/dp/B00UR321B6

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Really are “work computers” so strictly closed to their users?
Depends on the company the user is working for. :rofl:
But closing BIOS by a pwd to the normal user makes sense in this case!

@Ing_Diow did this solve your boot up issue? Do let us know

@Shenoy The solution work, but unfortunately my IT admin prevent us from modifying the BIOS setting. They trigger a reset to default every time after I made the changes.

So I still have this issue.

@Ing_Diow do drop a note to Anker Support support@anker.com if they have any other option.


They are weakening the IT security with a default of boot off external devices.

You should never set a laptop to boot off external storage as that is a way for a virus to enter the laptop bypassing the AntiVirus software in the OS.

By all means temporarily set to external device to fix OS issues where an Admin BIOS password required, and a known clean image is then booted.

A separate issue is the Powerconf should not present itself as storage? Does it have storage? Shouldn’t it present itself as just a USB sound device?

This is correct.
The administrator prevents “users” to plug in an external bootable device.
But a normal (non bootable) device should not stop the computer from booting normally.

I think there is some kind of storage on PowerConf, for the firmware, and there used to be a device shown on Windows with the name Anker BLE (name sounds more like for Bluetooth) when PowerConf was connected to Windows and since this is connected via USB-C Cable. However I no longer see it now, may be went off with firmware update on PowerConf or something to do with what I disabled on my laptop BIOS…

One other point of interest it – there is no way to Bluetooth Pair PowerConf with Windows as Headset / Speakerphone (use Speaker and Microphones) … it only works with the USB-C Cable as Speakerphone… Anker is somehow having some kind of config on PowerConf to avoid the BT pairing for Speakerphone on Windows (and I think for Macs too)

If BT paired to Windows, works only as Headphones - Only Output audio via Speaker - microphone does not work.

Interesting, and may be contributing reason for the S30 release?

I never bought the Powerconf, I still manage to survive with the (discontinued) Nano.

It works fine for me with the bios settings, so I am set, however would like for Anker to mention include this in the documentation.

I am working on the review, will try to include all these points!

Have packed my SoundCore Nano back in the original packing :smiley:

Latest firmware update seemed to finally resolve this for me. At least that is the only thing that seemingly changed and it now boots without unplugging from my Lenovo dock.