PowerConf - not working as intended

Dear community, I just got my PowerConf and I guess I need to send out a warning. If you are looking for a similar usecase like I did: Do not buy it. It will not work for you.

What did I want? I wanted a speaker / mic solution for conference calls for my computer and my mobile phone. When I work from home.
The device should be able to be connected to my computer AND my mobile phone at the same time. So I can either enter a phone conference on my computer with it or take a call from my mobile.

This does not work with my PowerConf. I can connect it to my computer. Either via Bluetooth or via cable. Yes, this works. However it is not possible to connect any other device (e.g. my mobile phone) via Bluetooth, when the computer is connected via Bluetooth. Several test of this item write about Multipoint but mine does not seem to have it. At my PowerConf only one device can be connected via Bluetooth at the time.
This does not make any sense for my intended case. If my computer is connected via Bluetooth and I get a call on my mobile I will manually have to connect my mobile phone before taking the call. By pushing the Bluetooth button on the PowerConf and connecting via my mobile phone’s setting. Seriously: This is shit.

I could still somehow life with that if the PowerConf would allow me to connect it to the computer via USB cable and to my mobile phone via USB at the same time. Will it pretents to do so - both show connected when I check it - it is impossible to take calls from my mobile on the speaker when it is connected to the computer via USB at the same time. The green light is flashing when a call comes in but the button to accept the call does not lead to any reaction. And even if I take the call manually on my phone it is impossible to switch speakers to the Bluetooth PowerConf via the phone’s settings. It always immediately jumps back.

Did I do anything wrong? If not and if you are - like me - looking for a speaker / mic solution that can deal with more than one device at the same time: Run!

Please first sync the Anker PowerConf to SoundCore App and try to see if there is a Firmware update.

Multipoint is meant to connect 2 BT devices at the same time.

Since PowerConf is still a very new device, please reach out directly to Anker Support support@anker.com and explain these details.

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Hi Shenoy,

I did as described. Firmware is up to date. However I really do not get Multipoint up and running.
I do the following steps:

  • Press Bluetooth button on PowerConf - small blue light in the front is flashing
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on my mobile and connect to PowerConf
  • My mobile is now connected to PowerConf
  • Press Bluetooth button on PowerConf again - small blue light in the front is flashing
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on my computer and connect to PowerConf
  • My computer is now connected to PowerConf. However at the same time my mobile lost its connection.

What did I do wrong? How do I have to do it?

I have already reached out to Anker Support. They confirmed that at any time only one device can be connected to PowerConf, either via Bluetooth or via cable. So no Multipoint.
This is extremely missleading.

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport

Please remove the Multipoint comment from the Amazon Page, if Multipoint feature is not supported on the device

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Powerconf can pair to 2 devices at a time - this is Multipoint, like 2 Smartphone or Smartphone & PC / Mac, but can have only 1 ACTIVE VOICE CALL.

If there are 2 calls coming at the same time on paired devices, one call will be put ON-HOLD, and will have one active call on PowerConf

Hope this answers your question!

EDIT: I very well remember reading the Multi-Point on Anker PowerConf page on Amazon. Now, for some reason - the literature shows no mention of Multi-Point.

So not sure if Multipoint feature still exists on this device

PC / Mac can be connected via USB-C cable
Smartphone connects via Bluetooth.

@AnkerSupport can you please provide inputs if Multipoint is supported on PowerConf (multiple BT devices can connect to Powerconf at the same time)

AnkerSupport in an email confirmed to me that only one device can be connected at any time. No Multipoint. So this is extremely missleading. When you read the reviews on Amazon everybody points out on the great Multipoint feature, being able to connect to your computer and mobile at the same time. I think even the review at forbes is mentioning this.
Smells fishy to me!

@ndalby thanks for merging the threads.

@benjamin18 PowerConf is very new product, the Amazon page did have the mention and might have lead to some confusion. Hopefully Anker support team will address it.

PC / Mac can be connected via USB-C cable and smartphone connects via Bluetooth. This is right. However it is important to note that even this is not possible at the same time. I had my PowerConf connected to my PC via cable and simultaniously my smartphone connected to the PowerConf via Bluetooth. You are not able to take any calls coming in via the smartphone with the PowerConf. The button to pick up the call simply does not react.

So Multipoint being a non-existend future is one piece of cake. Not being able to use USB-C and Bluetooth working at the same time, having simultanous connections to smartphone and PC is another.

With this some of the Amazon reviews are obviously missleading.

It is a pity that Anker Support does not comment this here at all.

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Looks like this may be a defect / bug, which may be fixed with a software update.

@Ankersupport can you please respond to queries :slight_smile:

My Soundcore app didn’t detect the PowerConf. I’m connected to it via Bluetooth but don’t see it in the app. How did you get yours to show up?

Connect there PowerConf via BT, Open SoundCore app, choose the speaker section, scroll down to the end and choose the last option “More”, PowerConf shows up there

That was my issue. I did select Speaker but didn’t scroll up. Thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The Anker support here is disappointing. Like the product…

Hi @benjamin18 Is there a delay from the support, or not getting resolution for the issue?

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial can you please help out here

Hey guys.
I have the PowerConf and have been getting on with it OK.
The connecting to multiple devices simultaneously isn’t really an issue in my world.
I tend to organise conference in advance so know if going to be using a soft phone app on laptop or mobile.
If some one calls me ad-hoc wanting a call with multiple people from my end I’ll make them call me back or I’ll call them back.

No I haven’t read all the marketing info, but if Anker has suggested it will do this, that’s a little naughty.
But their support has never let me down.
And remember if the product isn’t doing what it’s advertised to do you can also return it to your retailer for a refund (pending your local trading standards laws)

I agree with OP. I can connect PowerConf to Laptop via USB and to iPhone via Bluetooth. When plugged in, only sound and calls will come from USB connection. If i play music on phone, it appears to be using BT connection to the speaker, but the speaker is not playing any sounds. Once i unplug the Powerconf from my laptop, then music starts playing from the phone. Kind of a hassle to plug/unplug the PowerConf depending on what device I would like to use.

What should happen is if a call comes in from iPhone, the BT connection should have priority over USB, or at least give me a choice.

@erferris @benjamin18 I bought the PowerConf and got it this week, and been using / testing it.

I completely get what you guys have been experiencing, and this got me stumped the first time I had the iPhone and PC connected to the PowerConf, audio on iPhone was not routing to PowerConf, Hardwired connection to PC took the priority. I take all my office calls on web conference (webex,zoom) as well as over softphone on Windows, so not much of a concern or an issue for me, but yes - this is a big issue for anyone planning to connect to 2 devices at any time. Anker has to fix this issue via a software update on PowerConf (also there are no updates for PowerConf as of the time of writing this reply)

Audio should route to PowerConf - be it BT or Wired, based on from which device the audio came first, this is the one of the issues I am seeing on PowerConf, plus seeing few more, will include it over a detailed review

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They don’t mention Multipoint in the description of their PowerConf page: https://www.anker.com/store/anker-powerconf-bluetooth-speakerphone/A3301011

Perhaps ask Anker to change their Bluetooth profiles to add Multiport in a future firmware update. It looks like it can take audio on one device and a phone call on the other.

I have the Powerconf but don’t use it this way. I use it for handsfree phone calls while at my desk.

I don’t understand. Is there a video to show the issue?

yes, I am making a review for it, will try to see if i can upload a video for the same ahead of time

Meanwhile let me try putting it hear in text…

Devices used : Windows 10 Laptop & iPhone 11 Pro

Windows 10 Laptop --> connected over USB-A to USB-C (C end connects to PowerConf)
iPhone 11 Pro – > Connected over Bluetooth to PowerConf

Make Audio calls on Softphone on Windows Laptop – Audio is routed through the PowerConf for Speaker as well as Mic input.

Now, stop all calls and audio output from the PC while still connected to the USB cable to PC.
Trying to make a call from iPhone 11 Pro via the PowerConf connected over Bluetooth - there is no audio output or mic input taken by PowerConf – > this is the issue

If I disconnect the USB cable on the PowerConf, the Audio routing from iPhone to PowerConf over Bluetooth works perfectly.

In essence, PowerConf works / provides priority to wired (USB-C) over wireless (BT), similar to a Windows machine giving higher priority to a wired network cable over Wifi. Hope I was able to explain this better, this time.

Anker has to make a provision for routing the calls whichever ways the audio comes first - PC or Smartphone, and have ability on the Soundcore app to choose this priority.

Have already reached out to Support, and provided inputs.

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