PowerConf microphone is trash, trash, trash

I’ve been trying to use the PowerConf as a hands-free device for only myself. I have had nothing but problem after problem after problem with being audible to others. Before you condescend to me with “helpful” support cliches, please note the following:

  1. Firmware is the absolute latest version.
  2. I have tried both direct USB and BT connections.
  3. I’m about one foot away from the device.
  4. I’m using Windows 10 and have the input gain cranked.
  5. I have reset it multiple times.
  6. I have tried both single person and multiple person mode.
  7. None of the other audio devices I have are problematic, so the issue is confined to this single device.
  8. Behavior is the same across restarts.
  9. The speaker works fine.

At this point, the device seems fit for no other purpose than as an “anker” for tiny watercraft in the canal adjacent to my home.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but anyone and everyone looking into this as a cheaper alternative to Jabra are much better off with that. The tax on time and embarrassment at having to constantly repeat yourself during meetings is far more costly than the difference in price between the two. I’ll probably post the same sentiment in an Amazon review.

Sorry to hear of the issues, noticed from your troubleshooting steps one was missing/not mentioned.

Have you tried reaching out to support@anker.com with the issues for support from the technical team?

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