PowerConf: Home Office Headset free alternative

The power conference has been great, from the pictures below, I mounted my power conference with some 3M tabs (thank you Ez-Pass) on both my monitor’s frame and on the device itself. It’s removable for portability and I can re-attach it at any time if I need to head to the office after corona virus is over :smiley:

I can hear my co workers talk clearly, in fact it’s even better than my Jabra pro

LED Lights
The blue LEDs light up to indicate the direction where sound is coming from, you can see from the picture, I snap my fingers on the right and the right LEDs light up. If multiple people, one on the left side and one on the right, the LEDs will react to that as well which is pretty cool indicator to show you what is being picked up by the microphones and what isn’t.
The lights are very responsive as well!

Thanks for the read! :raised_hands:

Here’s a video of my testing the responsiveness!


Great photos :ok_hand:

I am myself doing great, handsfree calling with the Soundcore Nano , excellent sound quality and audio :+1:

WebEx, Zoom, Phone Calls, all-in-one solution from Soundcore Nano…


Never heard of the Nano, I tried using the flare mini for a conference call but that didn’t work out too well from the feedback I got :frowning:

Thank you as always Shenoy, you have solid reviews too :smile:

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I really liked the way you attached / positioned the PowerConf :clap:

you got a Great video too!

Nano is the oldest of Soundcore speaker family, was actually my first Soundcore device :slight_smile:


Wow it looks like a solid little device! Yes I enjoy mounting everything where I can! Just like the power strip!

Thanks for those pictures on the Nano!


I dont think I’ve ever seen it

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Seems we are all “tinkerers” here!

The black “thing” in the background is NOT a speaker! :smile:

Its a little heater fan. Good for my hands in winter.

The mouse all should know!
Perfect since many, many years!


The device in the background kind of resembles an alarm clock,

Cool , is the mouse ergonomic?
I was surprised to see someone in the office with an anker mouse

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I have used that mouse in the office.
Of course, now retired I still use it. :smiley:
If you work a lot on computers the ergonomic mouse is a must to avoid RSI.
I got this disease when using normal mice, but after I changed to ergonomic ones its gone!

The little fan is a really funny design.

Thanks Chiquinho!

What are your thoughts on mouse pads?
I have a memory foam keyboard wrist pad and mouse.

My wrist is straight and I have a Steelcase leap v2 with adjustable arms, so I’m able to adjust my elbow/arm height, but I’m wondering if I should get rid of the pads all together for sake of preventing RSI

I use a mouse pad with a cushion for the wrist.
How would you put your hands on a table?
Horizontal or vertical?
Normally you put them vertical resting on the little finger.
This is the normal position; I would say.
You should try different equipment (mice and pads) to find out which is the most comfortable for you.

Great pics @Momo_Bobo
Seeing this has reminded me I need to finish my review.

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This is how I’ve been using it, to support my wrist, do you see any issues with this? I haven’t been feeling any pain so I assume it’s working!

Thanks Paul,

Yes get to it! :clap:

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Excacty thats a such one.

There are some were the cushion is filled with gel,
Keeps the wrist cool, and looks more stylish

BUT if you would use a ergonomic mouse the position of your hand would be another.
Go for such one, you will not regret. (BT or wired)


I have the exact same setup - Mouse pad with gel foam for wrist, and Anker wireless mouse


This is the best setup, you can do for your hand! :wink:

I was really suffering from RSI many years ago.
So I ordered a ergonomic mouse, which costs a fortune.
Was looking like this.
(Was stylish but fragile)


But a simple Anker mouse will do! :smiley:
Same effect.!

I haven’t tried using the Nano! Has the microphone been working well for you for conference calls?


Great review, @Momo_Bobo!

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We’re twins!
Looks like Nano was stopped, but it is still my most used speaker, it is loud enough but small and also works wired.

I have won plenty of successor products and gifted them away as Nano ticks the box of something so small you can keep it with you always so it gets used more.

The small size you’d think would be bad but human voice works well it’s better for calls than any of the Soundcore I heard.