PowerConf audio surging

Anyone else having issues with PowerConf audio surging? After a while the audio output seems to get really quiet and then quickly surges back to “normal” and sometimes even goes to an unexpected level.

Doesn’t seem to be due to noise cancelling as it happens even when the mute feature is activated.

Really annoying. Have gone back to using another product as this is unusable for conference calls :frowning:

On firmware 24.38


PowerConf is a fairly new product and very few here on Anker community have their hands on it for earlier testing.

@paulstevenewing @Dez_S @Momo_Bobo

Can you guys please add your inputs / provide feedback here!

@SamPeterson i also suggest you reach directly to Anker Support support@anker.com you may hear back next week. Hopefully community members will reply before the official support!

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Hey @SamPeterson
Shame your having issues.
I’m not experiencing those problems. I’m not sure what the firmware is, but believe it’s up to date as of March.

I use mine over Bluetooth and the longest call I’ve been on was just over an hour. Most normal calls I make are about 30 mins.

How long is it before your start to show problems?

I’m not having that issue as well. And my firmware is also 24.38.

My calls have been fluid and the product just works. Perhaps get in touch with their support and maybe they can help Factory reset the device? I don’t see any way in doing that in the Soundcore software or via a reset hole.