PowerBucks to purchase Anker Stuff?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if powerbucks could be used to purchase some great Anker products! Yes, I do know that they are to be used for contests and PowerDraws but if you could actually make a section of selected items; such as cables or under $20 items then there would be some crazy amount of people signing up and continuously participating on the forum. It was just a thought cause having to wait for payday to make some purchases kinda sucks.


That would be cool but wouldn’t Anker lose money off of that. They are already practically giving away a chance for free things every week with the power draws. If they gave stuff away it would have to be of huge power buck quantity because I can’t see how financially in a market place they would make any money. Then if people wanted to buy a cable they come to the forum for a little until they have enough to buy that free cable then then leave happily probably not returning again. I love the idea I just don’t see how it would work out for anker


Right now you can bid on an Eufy smart scale with your PowerBucks: Anker Auction House | eufy BodySense Smart Scale

I believe between the Power Draw, the Auction House, and the eventual bucks for products offers - not to mention other draws and testing events - they already have a nice solution for gifting active community members.


Yeah the powerbucks are an engagement tool rather than actual credit. I like the auctions, though., That’s a good way to go with them. @ktkundy makes a good point about undercutting business if we could just buy stuff with them. Unless the limits were wildly high (100,000 powerbucks for a cable or something :fearful:)


@ktkundy The way it would work for Anker is through more active membership and possibly way more newcomers to the community. You know as well as I that some members are point hounds and that is what I love about this community. This forum will never go stale as long as people create threads and post, which in turn you get powerbucks.
As I mentioned some cables or under $20 dollar items would be nice but I do see the crazy amount of powerbucks per item

@tiagomota Yes, Anker does put up enough activities throughout the year, which is awesome. But it was just a simple idea. It would be great to get an cable, valued at $14.99, for 500 powerbucks or hopefully less.

@ryandhazen Hmmm, you’re right! It is an engagement tool rather than a credit. I thought this would work out but I have been proven wrong.

Anyway thank you all for your input, it makes complete sense what you all are saying. Anker is great the way it is. They are a company after all and they must make a profit to be considered #1. Which in my book they already are!

That auction ended back in December.

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Well, at first sight it looks like a nice idea.
My second sight: when you look to other forums - to name a big one : facebook, instagram, youtube - you do not get paid by them when you get some likes. At least: you do not get paid “directly”

But you get paid indirect: if you are a big one at youtube or so, you earn a lot of money.

And I think: with Anker forum it is similar: you do not get paid “directly”, but “indirect” - if you know what I mean …

As @Mark_Dunsmore mentioned, that auction ended in December 2018 :slight_smile:

I do think it’s a good idea and a great way to make people be more active and contribute more to the forum. But like others have said, Anker already gives stuff away for free. I think another good way to use your powerbucks would be if you could get like some coupons with it, like let’s say, 200 powerbucks and you get a $2 dollar off coupon on your next purchase. That way Anker still makes money off of that purchase


We think this before! It maybe conducted in the near future!:grin:


Don’t think so.

If we do this, we have to use much more severe rules.

Only to create powerbucks :
I will write a program :
Publishing every minute a message containing useless statement.

I see your point :+1:

I think such programs are already working …congratulations …to the programmers …

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Yeah some people are already botting.

Anker is fairly good about finding ways to keep them from getting prizes.


I feel like what Anker already has going give away wise is great

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@ktkundy Anker is awesome with all of these giveaways, contests, powerdraws, etc… This is by far the best company I have encountered with positive reviews, great tech, loyal customer base, awesome forum, I can keep on going but you already know all of this!

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Love the excitement about Anker and yes could go on for days we are lucky to be a part of a great community

Well, if you could buy stuff with power bucks it would have to cost way more than power drawings. Like maybe 2500 bucks for a cord or something. I don’t know if they would have to spend too much more money on being able to buy stuff with bucks.

It is much more fun to use those bucks in draws and auctions.

Beside giving donations, the “company” has to make deals and money.
WE should not forget this,

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Yes I know. If they had the option I would just enter in the drawings. But it is possible to make this work.