Powerbar for my Samsung S9

Hi i am looking for a power bar to charge my Samsung S9 when i am out and about which one do folk recommend

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It depends on several things.

  1. How large (physically) do you want it to be?
  2. Are you looking for a usb, or usb-c port for quick charge?

If you answer these I will be able to help you better :grin:


Anker have a pd mini, which will give 1 charge.

This is it

Although there is a slightly larger version, this one does a quicker charge.

That one does not do a quicker charge.

Output is 5V/1A…



  • Faster and safer charging with our leading technology

It says… Faster

Go for the 5000 version, a little bigger and 2a and a little heavier.

I prefer the PowerCore 15000 Redux :slight_smile:

  • Compact 15000mAh
  • 2-Port
  • PowerIQ

As @joshuad11 noted, the PowerCore Mini does not have Power Delivery or Quick Charge technology. It’s output is capped at 5V 1A. But it’s still a great little charger and it fits nicely in my pocket, so it’s usually my go-to when speed is not an issue.

It’s bigger brother (5000mAh) would charge a little faster with the 5V 2A output: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/powercore-5000/A1109011


As @TechnicallyWell mentioned the Powercore Mini is great little charger.I have the larger one and I use to power my Note 8 and love it. It fits nicely in my pocket and charger fast enough to get the job done or at least keep me powered up when I need to use my phone and its almost dead.

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