Powerbank with HQ Solarcells and ports like USB 3.0 Lightning USB-Type C PD

how about a powerbank with HQ solarcells that really works outdoor in the sun? With Ports like USB 3.0 / 3.1 / Lightning and USB-Type C PD

No thanks.

The idea keeps coming up.


The reason to not is very simple:

  • Batteries hate heat.
  • Sun makes heat.


You’re better off having a separate (hot) solar panel and a cable long enough to have a separate Powercore in shade.

Plus solar ages slower than do Lithium cells, so you’d have a perfectly working solar panel welded with a dud Lithium cell.

Above are the obvious reliability issues, you then have the viability issues.

There are plenty of combo solar+battery products, but either you have:

  • a tiny solar panel, who’s added weight exceeds the weight of simply carrying another battery instead
  • a large solar panel with battery included, the battery weight makes propping the solar panel angled at the sun more difficult.

Take for example a 20000 vs 10000mAh Powercore.


So for 154g more you carry 10000mAh more.

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OK. Thank you for the detailed information.

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