Powerbank for game consoles

Does it exist and has anyone tried it?

I’m trying to imagine why you would need one? I’m sure it’s a great question, though!

I actually know the answer to this

If you use the anker powerhouse you can depending on the console. it has like a 140 wattage limit on it, where it will kick off if it goes that high So if you use like a ps4 and a decent looking game it will shut off after like 5 minutes but longer if youre playing a less graphically intensive game. I have not tested the ps4 slim yet but it was a 160 watt limit so it probably also will kick off.

But you can however run an xbox360 slim model and a tv off of it for about 4 or 5 hours I have played far cry 4 on the final slim model 360 with a tv also plugged into a power strip both connected to it and it never kicked off. But the original 360 probably would trip the wattage limit.

So basically check the wattage limits usually the first run model of any console would be too high and kick it off but by like the third iteration you can use one.

I mean until they make a powerhouse with a higher wattage limit which I really wish they would so I could use it for ps4, space heaters and hotplates which I cant right now which is annoying

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In terms of using like a PowerHouse to charge an Xbox outdoors or in the car?

Space heater and a hot plate? Good thinking!